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Pinarello Treviso?(2 posts)

Pinarello Treviso?scintst
Jul 9, 2002 8:47 AM
I checked the roadbikereview and the Pinarello sites already and no reviews of the Pinarello Treviso were available so I was hoping someone in here might have some knowledge of the bike. I'm able to pick one up at a decent price and wondered if it was a decent bike. It's constructed with Columbus GPX tubing, equiped with 105. Appears to be in fine condition. Any info is greatly appreciated.

re:My wife has one - 1986dzrider
Jul 9, 2002 10:30 AM
Hers is Columbus SL which, I believe, is a little bit lighter and flexier than GPX. After trying a bunch of new bikes she concluded that none rode as nicely as "her bike". We spent the price of a pretty nice bike to spread the stays, have it repainted, get a new drive train, shifters and wheels. Each of the frame builders we spoke to about doing the work commented on the number of people who have had similar bikes restored or updated with the idea of riding them for a long time.

She's only an inch shorter than I am so I've been on the bike a good few times. It's not light by modern standards and the first few accelerations feel a little sluggish. Once in motion, however, it's a remarkably good all around bike. Somehow it manages to feel stable, nimble and comfortable on all kinds of surfaces. If the decals aren't peeling off, it's probably been used pretty lightly.