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A painful question...(15 posts)

A painful question...chris47
Jul 9, 2002 8:00 AM
First off, this site is very helpful to those of us just starting out. I'm getting into cycling after years of soccer and running and just bought a Lemond Buenos Aires with the intent of going on longer rides (50-100) as soon as my butt can handle it. And therein lies the question -- the seat on my bike feels like riding on two rocks. Now, I know part of that is my tush not being used to riding, but I also seem to remember reading a few reviews that mentioned the stock seat is hard on the butt. Can some of you list COMFY seats. Remember, speed is not an issue. We're looking for comfort over the long haul. Thank you.

Seattle, WA
Jul 9, 2002 8:12 AM
Selle Italia Pro Link Gel n/mjromack
Jul 9, 2002 8:17 AM
I like thisPhatMatt
Jul 9, 2002 8:17 AM
Sella Itallia Flite Trans AM, and a good pair of shorts.
Matt raises a great point........Dave Hickey
Jul 9, 2002 8:20 AM
What kind of shorts are you using? Your saddle might be fine.
good shorts is half the equation NmSpirito
Jul 9, 2002 8:32 AM
It takes timeTig
Jul 9, 2002 8:58 AM
It takes time to condition your ishium (sit bones) to the pressure exerted on them during rides of any duration over an hour. It can take a new rider a good 8+ weeks to get past the painful part. Sometimes the first few minutes of a Sunday ride will be painful after a Saturday ride. Persistence will help.

I agree on a good pair of shorts being a major part of comfort, but saddle position is another. Too much tilt in either direction can cause problems. A saddle too high will also cause problems.

Give your existing saddle a while before you change. If your sit bones are not accustomed to riding, then all saddles will be uncomfortable. Many stock saddles are just junk and will never feel as good as a better one.

Remember one thing: A saddle that is magic for one person is a torture to the next. Each person has a different need. It sometimes takes some expensive testing to find what works best for you. Also, your needs may change over time.

I personally like the Era from Selle San Marco.
re:most seats work for somebody, no seat works for everybodydzrider
Jul 9, 2002 8:58 AM
We're all different, and many of us have saddles in the junk box that didn't work for us. There is lots of trial and error with different seats and riding positions and there is some getting your butt used to it. I find that stretching forward toward my handlebars takes a lot of weight off my seat. I don't think one can find a comfy seat without comfy shorts and a comfy riding position. One of my early riding gurus told me not to sit on the bike, balance on it with some weight on my hands and some on my pedals.
Make sure shorts are seamless. Recommended saddles byPaul
Jul 9, 2002 8:59 AM
other posters are fine. I have Selle flite with Gel (used by lot of pros), and a Terry Dragonfly with a cut out. Cut outs will keep the pressure off the sensitive area. Recommended Selle flite trans am is used by some people in my club, and they love it. Shorts with seams will eat into your delicate tush. you'll toughen up with riding.
re: A painful question...No_sprint
Jul 9, 2002 9:08 AM
Believe it or not, my most comfortable current saddle is the SLR.
When it does become time to buy a new saddle...miposy
Jul 9, 2002 11:06 AM
Hi Chris,

I agree that you should wait a couple of weeks and put at least 200 miles on the saddle before giving up on it. Seats are highly personalized and what works for one person does not for another.

If you do decide you need a new seat, I suggest going to Aurora Cycle and working with Gordo or Dan to select a seat. If you take care of it and it is doesn't work for you, you can exchange it easily for a different seat until you find the one you want.

Another factor in your ass pain could be bike fit. Dan can help you with that as well (more money well spent on my part). Being properly fitted changed my cycling life.

This is what I did, and it took me three tries to find a seat that my ass loves (Selle Italia Flight Gel). It was well worth paying retail for the advice and flexibility in trying different seats.

Good luck!

P.s. The reason I like Aurora Cycle is that, though it's part of the Gregg's Oligopoly, it functions like a small shop (the employees are bike enthusiasts, knowledgable and friendly).
not to diss on aurora...yeah right
Jul 9, 2002 2:24 PM
but I would be careful with the advice or service you get. Last few trips have been disasterous... i.e. didn't have the right bottom bracket for a campy triple so they used an ultegra one... result... broken crank arm. Could happen to anyone, but the work is highly inconsistant. Also advised and sold my father a easton carbon road bar (he's 260 lbs), which broke after 3 rides (awful advice, but replacement has worked so far), sometimes it seems like they are more interested in making the sale than giving good service.
Thank you for the input!!!chris47
Jul 9, 2002 11:18 AM
This is why I love this board. I will keep my seat for at least a few weeks and wait until my deriere toughens up before trying to exchange/find a more comfy seat. I will also keep the suggestions made in mind for specific models as well as posture. Awesome.

My shorts are Performance Century Gel -- I just may go ahead and ask about shorts in a different topic.

Anyhow, thanks again for the input!
Jul 9, 2002 12:29 PM
I just took the plunge ... well it s more like a dip and purchased a pair of voler team shorts. All I can say is I wish I had tried them sooner.
Jul 9, 2002 12:36 PM
I really like Voler. They are super comfy and fit me really well. They do not last as long as their counterparts at well over $100 for a pair of bibs.