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Anyone think CSC-Tiscali could win the team time trial?(4 posts)

Anyone think CSC-Tiscali could win the team time trial?BAi9302010
Jul 8, 2002 4:46 PM
Nothing against Lance(keep in mind, I'm a Laurent Jalabert fan), but I'd love to see CSC-Tiscali beat USPS in the ttt, and the see how Lance would handle JaJa and Hamilton if he had to start before them in the individual tt. Unlike in the prologue, he wouldnt have his(JaJa's) time checks(which he wouldn't have won the prologue without, considering that he was fifth at the halfway point) and therefore wouldnt have the advantage.
Finally, for those who are going to remind us that Lance has beat JaJa while starting before him in a tt, JaJa looks to be in better form than ever, so it would definately be tough .
Credit Agricole will get it again. nmMaRider
Jul 8, 2002 5:31 PM
Jul 9, 2002 12:04 AM
I bet on them last year and my money's on them again. They've had the benefit of running the TTT in a race situation just prior to the Tour and the Tour of Catalonia and they looked good. Hey, it's one of the reasons Olano's on the team FWIW.

That being said, plenty of other good teams including CA who've been cursed so far in this Tour.
Jul 9, 2002 7:50 AM
On paper they still look good, but have you been watching? Credit Agricole will be lucky if they can get five riders to finish! Every day a different CA rider looks close to death. Maybe it's all a ruse...

USPS will take it, no question.