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No Computer & No HRM = Positive(5 posts)

No Computer & No HRM = PositiveBerm
Jul 8, 2002 2:52 PM
For the longest time, I monitored everything -- heart rate, speed, distance, etc. A while ago I crashed and busted the computer. In the last few weeks I have been riding based on feel and I don't miss the data at all. When I want to do a recovery ride, I go easy; when I go hard, I do it. In fact, when I do fast group rides I am doing better because I do not get caught up in thinking "I wonder how long I can hang on, my heart rate is so high."

Any similar experiences?
re: No Computer & No HRM = Positivecharyne
Jul 8, 2002 2:59 PM
I too found myself in a psychologial funk with my Polar. I would watch my HR as to when I should try to break away, go for a prime, the end my HR dominated my riding... I only use it for my training rides...and take it off for racing...

Hope this helps!
re: No Computer & No HRM = Positivemwood
Jul 8, 2002 3:19 PM
I've never used any monitoring device, just rode my bikes and enjoyed the view...both mtb and road. Of course, I've never seriously raced and haven't trained for anything other than surviving and enjoying challenging rides (mountain passes, centuries etc.)
While on vacation in Central Oregon last week (lots of great roads and singletrack), I decided I'd like to try a computer (no HRM, I've tracked that enough in other sports), mainly to track mileage, vertical, cadence etc. for fun. Just something that I all of a sudden am interested in...I guess we all need to mix it up a little bit!
turning into a numbers geek=negative for metheBreeze
Jul 8, 2002 3:35 PM
I used to wear a HRM when I was more into running, and found I got too hung up on the numbers. I had to even start leaving my watch at home, especially on long runs.

Now I am pretty much strictly riding and have a cheap Nashbar wireless computer on my road bike. At a century ride in May I decided not to put it in "scan" mode (continuously scanning through all functions) and just kept it on distance. I ended up riding the century 30 minutes faster than I planned. Since then I only show either mileage or elapsed time on my rides, and my average speed is actually higher than when I was paying attention to it and obsessing over it. Go figure.
re: No Computer & No HRM = PositiveBike Mike
Jul 8, 2002 6:07 PM
I'm new to the computer/HRM stuff (the last time I rode seriously was 15 years ago and they weren't as en vogue back then) and have found them to be a tremendous addition to my training. I have a tendency to go too hard early and then wonder why I feel like poop later on. The HRM has helped me manage my warm up, back off when I should, etc. I think eventually I will just be able to feel it, but for now I can't imagine riding without it.

The computer is just fun...can I finish this ride in 90 minutes?...can I increase my average speed? just gives my brain something to do beside focusing on the fact I forgot chamois cream!

To each his/her own!!