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For Look afficianados(9 posts)

For Look afficianadosLeroy
Jul 8, 2002 1:49 PM
such as Dave Hickey et al: Is the KG361 like the 'arenberg' of the Look carbon line? Is the carbon tubing the equivalent of straight gague, non-butted steel or ti? I rode a 361 briefly at Bike Mart [I know DH knows where that is] and really liked it. My question is how could the 381i be worth $1,100.00 more - if I get the 361 is that just going to jack up the price of the eventual 381i by the price of the 361? I realize it's what it's worth to me, but $1,100.00 is a big price difference. Thanks for any input or opinions.

Dave Loving
re: For Look afficianadosDave Hickey
Jul 8, 2002 2:07 PM
Dave, If you happy with the 361, I'd stay with it. The big difference between the 361 and 381 is the 361 has round tubes( but they do have variable wall thickness). The 381 has variable shaped tubes. The 381 uses a slightly higher grade of carbon but the weights of the two frames are almost identical. The 381i has adjustable rear dropouts and an internal headset. The retail price difference is about $1100 but I've seen the 381i in the UK for about $1600 vs $1000 for the 361.
Thanks, DaveLeroy
Jul 8, 2002 2:19 PM
I liked your idea of having a different bike at rides, rode the 361 and really liked it. Can't believe how smooth it is. Plus, my old Peugeot px10, late lamented, makes me want to go French.
I just bought an old PX-10. Yet another project........... NMDave Hickey
Jul 8, 2002 2:22 PM
Doesn't have an alloy Simplex rear deralleur, does it? [nm]Leroy
Jul 8, 2002 3:45 PM
Plastic Simplex [nm]Dave Hickey
Jul 8, 2002 4:19 PM
Rode my friends new Look 381iPaul
Jul 9, 2002 3:24 AM
He got it from for 1575 plus 66 for customs, and 22 for shipping. Got the USE 25mm seat post which he doesn't like cause of the horizontal, fine threaded adjusting screws, he rounded the head of one of them setting it up.

I have a kg 386 which i love, so I looked forwared to riding the 381i. I took it on a 40 mile ride. I like the beefed up 1 1/8 fork. When going fast over a bumpy road, it had less flex then my 1". The bike corners like a dream, came around a curve at 28 mph, and the bike just seem to float around it. Smooth, solid feeling. Attacked a short, steep hill out of the saddle, and the bike was stiff and responsive. Rocked it as hard as I could, and felt zero flex.

It has the same designed top-tube as my 386 (except it's external lugged into light alloy) compared to the 386 internal carbon lug. Has a chain hanger, and a port hole look of natural carbon weave on the head tube and top tube (Kelme paint job). All tubes are aero designed. Can barely see/feel the alloy lug, nice paint job also. Also has a replacable rear hanger, and it's adjustable.

One of his other bikes is a Merlin x-lite, he feels the Look is stiffer, less flex in the BB. I think in the future, I'll dump my C-Dale and pick up a 381i.
re: For Look afficianadosRik
Jul 8, 2002 7:11 PM
If you're interested in the Look and can ride a 54 cm frame, I have a 2001 kg 281 that I'm thinking of selling to purchase a 381i.
re: For Look afficianadosflying
Jul 11, 2002 1:51 PM
How much?