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Vaughters to retire?(4 posts)

Vaughters to retire?moneyman
Jul 8, 2002 1:35 PM
Not to start any unfounded rumors, but let me speculate a bit. After reading the daily diaries of Jonathan and of Tyler, the contrast between the two is stark. Perhaps, and I would bet money on this, it is simply the fact that Vaughters is, always has been and always will be, a very good domestique, while Tyler is a bona fide GC contender.

Even though retirement may not be in Jonathan's mind yet, his writing reveals an attitude which is similar to that of many of us - sometimes we just don't like going to work. Tyler, on the other hand, seems full of enthusiasm and freshness that often comes from being at a new position.

Just some thoughts.

Frankie A. sounded like this for six years' worth of diarieslonefrontranger
Jul 8, 2002 2:11 PM
And then fought to the very end before hanging up his cleats, and STILL works for Postal despite getting what I would have called a pretty raw deal from them after years busting his *** in the trenches for them. Hey, even a four-day stage race bites big ones if you're suffering just to make the time cuts (personal experience here). Yet somehow it doesn't stop we silly masochists, myself included, from doing it to ourselves several times a year, and we don't even get PAID to torture ourselves. I can only imagine the level of suckage being pack fodder for 21 days. JV lends a certain amount of "black humor" to his stories which fits his own self-deprecating personality. Sounds about right to me.

Personally, I read not a little bit of frustration in his writings, since I saw that at least one of Moreau's falls was self-inflicted (he overlapped wheels, a classic Cat 4 silly act). This tends to make one's domestiques a tad cranky. I recall Tyler mentioning something last year about how easy Lance is to ride for because he kept himself out of trouble and wasn't like some team leaders (TH carefully didn't mention any names) who constantly sat at the back, got gapped or involved in crashes, causing one's team to beat itself ragged by repeatedly hauling him back on or up to the front.

JV lives and trains around here, and I'd have to say from hearing him talk that the guy genuinely loves riding his bicycle.
Actually I've enjoyed his diariestheBreeze
Jul 8, 2002 2:12 PM
They are a real slice o'life in the peloton, even if it is from the back. Look, 90+% of those guys out there aren't GC contenders. It's easy to be fresh and enthusiastic when you are a neo-pro or a new team leader. As thrilled as any of us would be to be in his position, it's obvious that there are days when riding in the TdF does suck. He kind of reminds me of the Will Ross character in Greg Moody's novels. A nice change from Mr. "Pollyanna" Hamilton, no slam at his riding (or writing)skills intended.
Like the diaries -- do the CA people read them?ms
Jul 8, 2002 2:24 PM
I like Jonathan's honest, bottom line perspective on the Tour and his assigned role. However, I wonder how the team PR people feel about such perspectives being aired publicly. Maybe if the diaries aren't in French, the CA PR flacks do not read them. In any event, I hope Jonathan keeps writing honestly and, more importantly, I hope that he makes it to Paris this year.