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Slip Slidin' Away(18 posts)

Slip Slidin' AwayKristin
Jul 8, 2002 10:43 AM
Okay, I learned to come to a full stop rather quickly. I've been using these nice heavy SPD pedals for a while and never had a problem putting my foot down. But after my knee pain returned again I decided to try new pedals. I wouldn't have thought pedal weight would make a difference; but wow. I like the Look's alot, however...the cleats are rather slick. Is there a way to push off with these cleats? Or other cleats that I can buy? I hate starting off so slowly in busy intersections. I think I have the stopping down okay now.
re: Slip Slidin' AwayJL
Jul 8, 2002 10:55 AM
Try NOT to push off with the unclipped foot, but instead use the clipped in foot to start the pedaling motion. You may want to "stand" (for some extra power) and push down on the clipped in foot, especially on those inclined starts. As with anything, it takes some practice but it does get easier. Also, by pushing off with the Look cleats you'll wear them down much faster.

Good luck and happy riding.

Jul 8, 2002 12:17 PM
agree - don't push OFF w/ the Looks, always push DOWN w/ your clipped in foot to get going. Make sure that you are in an easy enough gear to get started again once the light turns green - nothing worse than having to "hop" thru the first several feet of the intersection to get going again!

If you haven't already done so, buy a pair of Kool Covers (about $10) and keep them in your jersey pocket to put on whenever you have to walk more than a few steps - saves the cleats big time.

On more suggestion for stopping - the heels on my Carnacs were rather slick, and I worried at first about slipping when I put my foot down. I took them into the local shoe repair shop and had the guy attach some heavy-duty rubber on the heels (about $8) - no more slipping!

Good luck,
A little confused in what you're sayingPaul
Jul 8, 2002 11:01 AM
Knee pain from putting your foot down? Do you mean your cleat is bothering you? Coming down too hard after a stop?

I've used SPD's for years, and wouldn't have anything else. Cleats last forever if you use the pontoons. Look cleats have to be replaced often due to quick wear, and creaking. Nice platform if you like them wide. Look also (once they start to wear), will pop out of the pedals. But, if it cured your knee problem, then great. My friends switched from Look to Speedplay, but they never complained about pushing off on the Look cleats.
No, ongoing problem with IT band tendonitisKristin
Jul 8, 2002 11:18 AM
Last year I developed ITBS that eventually forced me into a 3 month layoff. Over the last two weeks the pain has returned slightly. Before I go spend money on more special doctors and tests, I thought I just try swapping pedals. Perhaps the ITBS is caused by something about the Shimano pedals. I'll know better once I get a chance to go out and really push myself. Should be able to attempt that tomorrow.
Why the LOOKS?Len J
Jul 8, 2002 12:23 PM
I assume you were trying to get more float than the SPD's. Do the Looks have float? Is it enough? How did you determine cleat position on the shoe? Any of these could be causing pain. Might be worth checking.

Jul 8, 2002 1:20 PM
I played around quit a bit with the SPD cleats. A little to the left, a little to the right, a little pronated. But the same problem. (Secretly, I realize the pain could indicate something worse than tendonitis; but that's an expensive journey and I want to be sure I've covered all other bases before getting MRI's and such.) Why new pedals? Well, I probably would have gotten new ones eventually anyway. I'm amazed at how heavy those Ultegra's were compared to the Looks. And I do like the bigger platform. The SPD's were tiny and really hard to locate with road shoes. Why Looks? Well, I put my trust into my LBS for that one. Good idea? Who knows. I had a conversation about my knee problem with a local shop racer and he suggested that the SPD's may not offer the best sort of float for road riding and that he trusted the Looks to be good pedals. Time will tell.
Float.Len J
Jul 8, 2002 1:32 PM
Do the LOOKs have any float at all? I know that some people can't stand pedals with float, but for me, they allow my leg to find it's most natural position and hence have alleviated knee pain (That I do get when using 0 float SPD's) My only fear, in listening to your story, is that you have traded one 0 float pedal for another. It may be a simple solution but it's probably worth a shot.

Then again, if the LOOKs have some float, it's probably something else.

I sure hope you figure it out. It must be driving you nuts.

Actually, the SPD's had 8 degrees of floatKristin
Jul 8, 2002 1:35 PM
Not sure how much the Looks have. Its not zero though.
Look pedalsIronbutt
Jul 8, 2002 4:59 PM
The Look pedals will have nine degrees of float using the red ARC cleats, and no float at all with the black cleats. If you rub a little candle wax on the cleat it will make the float almost totally free of friction. Also, shaving off that little black rectangular rubber bumper in the center of the cleat frees up the float as well as making entry much easier for a light rider. The main thing (in my opinion) is to have the float in the right segment of foot rotation. I like to have the float stop when the heel of the shoe is about .5mm from the chainstay. This keeps my feet pointing relatively straight ahead, and allows easy release by pivoting the heel inward rather than ourward. I do this release with the foot at the top of the pedal stroke, at the 12 o'clock position. It just works well for me, and I've found that it works well for most female riders. (I'm male, but have very long feet!) My feet are also very narrow, and the wide Look platform helps to stabilize my foot on the pedal. I've been riding Look pedals for ten years and close to 95K miles, with no problems either for me or the pedals. Not the same pair of pedals, but the same knees!
you need the Speedplays you won't get...ET
Jul 8, 2002 6:39 PM
to go along with the too small De Bernardi you won't replace.

SPDs are the worst for knees; hardly any float, feels too locked in. Speedplays may have been a logical choice to try, as far more here eliminated their knee pain after switching to Speedplays than brought on new problems. It might've helped if you posed the question *before* you bought the pedals.
SpeedplaysMe Dot Org
Jul 8, 2002 1:45 PM
You might want to try speedplays. I think they are kindest to knees. I started with SPDs, had knee pain, went to Speedplays, problem solved.
Same Here (nm)Chen2
Jul 8, 2002 2:05 PM
ditto nmcollinsc
Jul 8, 2002 2:48 PM
Look pedals are slippery pigsJohnG
Jul 8, 2002 8:07 PM
Heavy as all get out and very slippery. I dumped mine after only 1 week. Total POS IMHO.

Went with Ritchey SPD's. Very light and excellent release properties. I use carbon soled shoes and have no problem with hot spots.

Jul 9, 2002 5:54 AM
At 181 g's a peice, they are amazingly light. How much do your Ritchey's weight? My Ultegra SPD's (old) weighed nearly a pound. The Looks are a huge difference already.
re: Slip Slidin' Awaymtngoat
Jul 8, 2002 10:35 PM
Good to hear you are riding again. I think instead of pushing off with the foot that's on the ground, you should have the cranks at the 1 or 2 o'clock position, push off by pressing with the clipped in pedal and then clip the other pedal in and take off. This might take you a while while you learn to clip in to the LOOK pedals. I think just about any pedal cleat would be too slippery to push off with it.

Like another poster wrote, you are only going to wear out the cleat too fast if you keep pushing off with the unclipped foot.

By the way, if you want to experiment with different pedals I have quite a few I would be willing to let you use. Of course you would have to pay for the shipping and that's it. You have been in this forum long enough that I think you can be trusted to return them if they don't work out.

I've had some knee problems myself and there are certain pedals that are more forgiving than others. For chondromalacia, a fixed pedal seems to work the best. For what you have, maybe speedplays. I don't know. I have speedplays, Time 57's, Time Equipe's and frogs. If you end up liking any of them I'll sell them to you cheap.

Let me know and good luck with your riding.
Jul 9, 2002 6:05 AM
Thanks for all the opinions. I know some of you are diehard Speedplay fans, and I can appreciate that. I've already resigned myself to the fact that this "hobby" costs quite a bit of money and lends itself to experimentation. If the Looks don't work out, then I'll try, Speedplay.

Amazingly, my old SPD's weren't slick at all. I could plant my foot while still rolling. I only did that twice with the Look cleats.