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Recovery questions(2 posts)

Recovery questionsPsychler
Jul 8, 2002 5:18 AM
I have been putting in some serious mtb and road miles during the weekends, and two days during the week...Now I am exhausted...I am 51, weigh 145...during the rides I drink water and a few GU's ...maybe a powerbar in a 2-3 hour ride. Later that day...pooped...dead. Today, after a weekend of riding I am trashed...Am I supposed to be using different fuel? after ride fuel? I know some guys that drink whey products after a ride...but this was in the winter and they mixed it with the summer? yech. HELP,,,,I am going back to nap now.
Experiment with food and drink intake. Make sure that you arebill
Jul 8, 2002 5:31 AM
really drinking enough and eating enough. If you aren't peeing within a short time of getting off the bike, or if you ARE ravenous twenty minutes after getting off the bike, you aren't.
The other thing one must consider, and I hate to bring this up but I'm sort of dealing with it myself (I'm 43), is that you aren't twenty anymore, big fella. You can still do intensity, but you need recovery. Build up to your miles slowly and maintain a good schedule that includes time off the bike (four days a week doesn't sound like too much, but you may not have built up to it as you should).
BTW, what are serious miles?