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So my wife goes on her 1st solo bike ride......(10 posts)

So my wife goes on her 1st solo bike ride......WCC
Jul 7, 2002 6:44 PM
We bought her a bike a few months ago. She usually will only ride around the neighborhood with me. Well today while i was gone on my ride, she decided to go for a ride on her own. She was on the main road in our neighborhood, which is a divided 4 lane road. She said that a big truck pulled up right behind her, gets real close, and will not go around her(remember there is a perfectly good left lane for him to pass). Of course it scared the crap out her. It finally went around, and she said some men on the golf course next to the road had seen what happened and asked if she was ok (thanks whoever you are guys) they said the guy was a just a jerk, which she agreed. She didn't recognize the truck as being local to our subdivision, but Im going to have her keep a lookout for it. If she sees it, I will go have a talk with the guy.

I actually tried not to make a big deal out of it, because I dont want her to fear riding alone. But it may be to late.
re: So my wife goes on her 1st solo bike ride......SlowRoadie
Jul 7, 2002 8:47 PM
Sorry to hear about that. Hopefully one bad apple won't spoil her enjoyment of the sport.
My mom had a similar problemMatno
Jul 8, 2002 2:23 AM
with jogging alone. Not the dangerously close problem, but the problem of guys following in remote locations. We got her a snub-nosed .38 special and a fanny pack holster, and she never worried about it again... (Of course the 110 pound dog we got may have helped as well).
Jul 8, 2002 5:54 AM
Couple of thoughts from a woman who rides alone quite a bit:

Be androgenous on the bike. No "cute/skimpy" get-ups, no flowers. Nice long bike shorts, loose-fitting "mens" jerseys, long hair braided and tucked into the jersey. The hope here is that, from a distance anyway, motorists just see "cyclist" and are unsure of the gender of the rider.

Carry a cell phone. Can be used in an emergency, but also useful for getting rid of creeps. If a car passes me more than twice (in other words i think they are circling back for a "second look") I'll whip out the cell phone. Usually I'm just blabbing away to my answering machine, but the drivers usally "disappear" after seeing the cell phone.

Be self sufficent. Make sure she carries basic tools and flat fixing supplies and KNOWS HOW TO USE THEM. Females broken down at the side of the road are easy targets.

Be gross. Spitting and blowing snot rockets are often enough to curb the cat-calls and whistles when riding past constructions sites.

Carry pepper spray. I consider mine a "last resort". It buys one a couple of seconds should a vicious human(or dog) attack.
Jul 8, 2002 6:21 AM
Damn! Damn! Damn! Damn! Damn! Damn! Damn! Damn! Damn!

I cannot believe the number of creeps and creepy people on the road. I can deal with the creeps; the ones that scare me are the creepy ones that follow you like your wife described. And there are plenty of them out there!

At least give the police a description of the truck and explain what happened. The police can't do anything but they need to be made aware of the situation. If possible, get the license number and report it.

You don't need to alarm her but she should be aware of what could happen riding solo as far as her personal safety is concerned--make sure she has a cell phone. For example, what would happen if she had a flat? Or an accident? Just have her take normal, prudent precautions and she should be OK.
re: So my wife goes on her 1st solo bike ride......Blue Crown Jewel
Jul 8, 2002 6:46 AM
I am sorry to hear about your wife's unpleasant experience. However, I too have one to share. Two days ago, on Saturday afternoon, I went riding with my girlfriend and a friend. We ride on a path for pedestrians, runners, roller-bladers along the Cross Island Expressway, in Queens, near Fort Totten. It is a good path, along the water. Half way through the path, there is a marina with a parking lot and is the part of the path that is usually shared with cars. Many people park there to walk or sit on the benches or dock their boats.

On Saturday, we were riding towards Fort Totten (north), on a part of the path that is usually only occupied by pedestrians and runners and cyclists. As I turn my head to see where my girlfriend is, I see a BMW convertible coming toward us at about 30 mph. I looked again to make sure I was not imagining things. Obviously, the dumb ass bimbo driving it was lost and could not find the exit to get back on the Cross Island Expressway. She came too close for comfort to my girlfriend. At which point I moved in front of her to slow her down. The dumb wittless bitch passed me without even blinking and went off driving. She did not slow down, she did not honk, she did not stop to ask for directions. At the far end of the path, I caught up with her. I cannot remember the last time I used so many obscene words or foul language. I berated her, called her names, and told her off. I was terrified thinking that she could have taken down my girlfriend, my friend, or myself. Naturally she did not roll down the window. Thinking she learned her lesson, I was mistaken. She drove off a few yards and made a broken U-turn right in the middle of two families with children on strollers. I decided to block her path until my girlfriend and my friend were safe.

When we got to the parking lot at Fort Totten, her car was there. I felt the urge to pull out my hex keys and mark her car, rip her back plastic window and tear the tires. Naturally, I did not do any of those things, my reason ovewrcame me.

But I will tell you, as we were finishing our ride, we saw this woman walking in the opposite direction. As we approached and crossed paths, her friends gathered around her protectively and she did not have the nerve to look up to us as we passed.

I am still angry at her, and others like her. I hope I do not meet her on the path or the parking lot, for she personifies the lack of responsibility I see so prevelant in drivers today.
re: So my wife goes on her 1st solo bike ride......aliensporebomb
Jul 8, 2002 9:21 AM
My wife and I were starting out on a ride last night
and she went first and I was just entering the road
when one of those huge black pickup trucks with the
big lift-kit and monster tires like you see at off-
road rallyes comes roaring up. But I thought I'd be
on the road by the time he would go by. And I was.

I get into the road and all of a sudden I hear a huge
diesel truck/train horn sound and he yells something
derogatory out the window and roads off in a cloud of
thick black smoke.

What a mailbox head - he just didn't want to surrender
the edge of his lane to what he considered an 'inferior'
form of transportation. And he's driving a behemoth.

Usually I don't have issues with clueless idgits like this
but last nights' ride was an exception. Totally annoying.

Of course, there was the other day when a friend and I
were riding and they stopped ahead of us in the road.
My friend was furious and certain they were trying to
start something but I wasn't so sure - they were a lost
couple looking for directions.
re: So my wife goes on her 1st solo bike ride......Slamden
Jul 9, 2002 9:57 AM
What a bunch of savages out there. Here's another for the list. I just picked up my brand new IF Crown Jewel and decide to take it for its innaugural ride. I'm riding in the city around dusk. I turn a corner slowly (practically a track stand) trying to gauge where I am. A bunch of kids (16 years old?) come at me and one is holding a yellow wiffle ball bat (one of those skinny yellow bats). He hits me in the head so hard that it dents my helmet and cracks my helmet down the middle. Didn't feel great. His friends try to push me off my bike. Somehow I didn't go down and got the hell out of there. And of course, all I can think about is trying not to scratch the new bike.
re: So my wife goes on her 1st solo bike ride......grzy
Jul 9, 2002 10:15 AM
Wow! Nice kids. :-(

Sounds like they were trying to do a bike-jacking. Did you let the cops know about your experience? Where did this happen?

Experiences like this make one want to carry a hand gun.
re: So my wife goes on her 1st solo bike ride......Slamden
Jul 9, 2002 10:33 AM
It was on the north side of Chicago. I told the cops. As expected, they said there isn't really anything they could do. They said they would go back to the area to look for the kids.