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Jalabert, Hamilton and CSC-Tiscali(5 posts)

Jalabert, Hamilton and CSC-TiscaliIan
Jul 7, 2002 1:57 PM
What is CSC-Tiscali's purpose in this Tour de France? I've read many magazines previewing the Tour and I always seem to read a slightly different answer.

"Jalabert and Hamilton are co-leaders" "Jalabert is certainly the team leader" "Jalabert is free to go off for stage wins, we will support Hamilton for the GC"

Lots of contradictions. I am a big Hamilton fan, I have been since he placed 13th in the Tour back in 99'. I would love to see him challenge Lance for the overall, and at the very least make the podium. If that is not the case, then ride in support of Jalabert for the overall. Jalabert won the Green Jersey about 5-7 years ago, the Polka Dot last year and after the prologue has to be considered a contender.

But in todays stage, Jalabert was sprinting for Green Jersey points and the team spent a long time up front reeling in the breakaway. Is it just me or does this seem like a huge waste of talent when you have two guys that could finish on the podium?

re: Jalabert, Hamilton and CSC-Tiscaligtx
Jul 7, 2002 2:59 PM
Yeah, it's confusing--and these guys are two of my favorite riders. My understanding was that Hamilton was the leader for the Giro and Jalabert was the leader for the Tour, but I'm sure that could change.

Did you see that Jalabert used Hamilton's bike in the prologue?
Hamilton is good, but he aint no JaJaBAi9302010
Jul 7, 2002 6:44 PM
This is my opinion and some people may not agree with it. There are several different types of pro riders. There are superstars, stars, good riders, ok riders, and nobodies. Tyler Hamilton is a good rider but he certainly is no Laurent Jalabert, as yesterday's prologue shows. Hamilton's second place finish in the giro definately shows that he is a good rider, but he doesn't have close to the results of JaJa. JaJa is a former world #1, world champion, tdf points jersey winner, tdf climbers jersey winner, Vuelta winner, and the list goes on.
JaJa was also named the main team leader by Bjarne Riis, unless Hamilton proves himself and at the moment, the spotlight is going to belong to JaJa.
BTW, shame on all the magazines and people who say that JaJa is not the rider that he used to be, I think that he's better than he used to be, maybe he's the next Joop Zoetemelk.
It's not just you.McAndrus
Jul 8, 2002 4:18 AM
CSC did most of the peleton-pulling in Stage 1 with the apparent goal of putting Jalabert in Yellow. Fine. But even to an interested bystander like myself they did way-too-much work and at the end they weren't even up front.

If Bjarne wants to see that neither JaJa nor Tyler has a good Tour then all he has to do is keep throwing his team's energy away like that.

I suspect CSC will quiet down now and be a little more patient.
Calculated move,TJeanloz
Jul 8, 2002 4:34 AM
One day in Yellow for Jalabert, the consumate French hope, will do far, far more for the team (and the sponsors) than a second place finish by Hamilton. If Tyler were French, things might be different, but he is not.