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"My wife thinks I'm nuts and I will die" ride(6 posts)

"My wife thinks I'm nuts and I will die" ridePaulCL
Jul 7, 2002 5:11 AM
For those who commented on my thread of Thursday regarding my wife's consternation of my mid day ride in heat/humidity over unfamiliar roads...

A great ride with two surprises: First, the weather. Instead of the predicted upper 90's temp with high humidity, it was 75 and no humidity upon my departure. Absolutely beautiful. A perfect day for a bike ride.

Surprise #2 two: the distance. My wife and I went over my map and concluded that the ride would be about 55-60 miles. I expected 65 miles - just in case. It turned out to be nearly 80 miles. That was OK, it was a beautiful day, so who cares??

No flats, no breakdowns, nothing but beautiful rolling hills. So nice of a ride that even the locals all waved at me. I guess I was a rare site down in the hollers of KY. For those who are from the Cincinnati area: I rode from Edgewood,KY down to Maysville,KY (birthplace and final resting place of Rosemary Clooney). Since George Clooney was in the area, my wife asked me to keep an eye out for him...yeah...right...

Save riding everyone and welcome back to the saddle, Elephantino. Paul
re: "My wife thinks I'm nuts and I will die" ridegs6769
Jul 7, 2002 5:29 AM
Excellent. A 65 miler turns into 80 in 75 degrees through friendly territory. How cool is that?

I hear Mr. Clooney often prowls those roads aboard a full Record C40 looking for a little 'competition'. Word is that he's got no sprint though.
re: "My wife thinks I'm nuts and I will die" ridePaulCL
Jul 7, 2002 10:17 AM
Apparently he was in town for his aunt Rosemary's funeral. I was looking for him...tease him for a while...then rip his legs off on a hill. Yeah right.
re: "My wife thinks I'm nuts and I will die" rideCrankist
Jul 7, 2002 8:05 AM
Do not hesitate at any opportunity, to wriggle into spousal conversations a friendly, "Yeah, but I told you so." Be repetitive and frequent. Next trip she'll think
'stuff' but encourage you nontheless. Oh and congrats on a great sounding ride.
P.S. I told you so.
Now that's a ride I want to go on.AllisonHayes
Jul 7, 2002 1:23 PM
You gotta send me that route...

What time of day does George ride? What a hunk! And a C40 too? I guarantee you that I won't try to out sprint him...

oh, and nice ride too.
Sorry AllisonPaulCL
Jul 7, 2002 5:04 PM
Calm down. No George sitings. No George Clooney in bike shorts on a C-40. Personally, I'd much rather see Brooke Burke in the bike shorts, but that's another thread....

George's entire extended family live in my area. He is known to show up occasionally to visit his parents. I've never seen George myself. My next door neighbor is an old college friend of his - they used to skip class together,go to bars and get drunk. Without even seeing my neighbor, guess which one had more luck with the ladies????? My neighbor ended up in med school, George in hollywood. Hmmmm....maybe I should have skipped more school.......