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Anyone see the new Chevy commercial? Opinions?(4 posts)

Anyone see the new Chevy commercial? Opinions?GeekRoadie
Jul 6, 2002 9:58 PM
Well, I was getting ready to watch my recording of the prologue today and while flipping through the channels I saw what looked like a bike race on FOX. Cool! Peculiar, I thought, as I didn't recognize the familiar voices of either Liggett or Sherwin. A few seconds into the commercial I see that the race isn't really a race but rather a parody of a race. It was a commercial. It went something like this->

Cyclists riding through cobbles with what appears to be a large raucous crowd cheering them on (think Champs-Elysees). The cyclist spin up and get ready for field sprint to the finish line and they look back to see a race car gaining ground directly behind them. The riders are distressed, one even crashes. So the car zooms past all of the riders and crosses the finish line first to win the "race". It's a Chevy stock car no less. The commercial ends with the Chevy slogan "Where there is a race, we will be there". It turns out that I caught a commercial during the showing of the Nascar Pepsi 400.

After seeing this I couldn't but help think how many people, in particular Nascar fans, think now that it is okay to pull some bullsh!t like this on the road. I for one didn't find too much humor in the commercial.

Any thoughts?
I had the exact same thoughts (nm)husker
Jul 7, 2002 1:58 AM
Chevy, huh?filtersweep
Jul 7, 2002 10:51 AM
I'm sure they ran focus groups of NASCAR fans and discovered a real zeitgeist, a collective fantasy to plow through a peloton in a stock car.

It truly works, because it is symbolic at so many levels.

Pardon my crassness, but I generally assume there aren't many "accidents" when huge sums of advertising dollars are involved.
I guess I just have a sick sense of humor.Spoke Wrench
Jul 7, 2002 3:28 PM
Roger Penske said that when he goes racing all he wants is an unfair advantage. That's what I thought of when I heard about that commercial.

I think they have another version of it that starts with two or three runners lining up for a 100 meter dash. After they get launched, a jockey on a horse comes galloping up the outside. About the time you think the jockey isn't playing fair, they show the NASCAR stocker. I loved it!