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Ebay question(4 posts)

Ebay questionfiltersweep
Jul 6, 2002 1:55 PM
What is up will all the $2000+ bikes that have only been ridden "less than 200 miles" that for sale from private sellers on ebay? Or 500 miles? Of course they are "meticulously maintained." Who are these people that spend that kind of money, but never ride their bikes? Or, why are they selling...? If they are "made of money" and can afford these expensive bikes (presumably as a newbie) why are their reserve prices at times so outrageous?

(both examples: 0 feedback ratings?)

Is this a genuine phenomenon of buyer's remorse?

Here's a "shop owner's bike" (that apparently they won't or can't sell in their shop:

"Like new, only a few hundred miles, the shop owner's personal bike.
Reason for selling: Trudy wants to build a triple ring road bike for the
giant canyon climbs here just outside Salt Lake City. "

I don't get it. If I were selling my bike, I'd simply say that I wanted a better frame!

I'm not shopping for a bike on ebay, but rather just seeing whats out there... and it is freaky.
re: Ebay questionGregJ
Jul 6, 2002 2:58 PM
1)They bought or thought they bought the wrong size.
2)Obsessed about a bike for a long time and could not contain themselves. The reality of their financial situation set in and their spouse made them sell it.
3)They knew nothing about bicycles except that they had to have the best. They could not believe how hard it was to ride up a hill or into the wind and said, "This sport is too hard."
4)After one ride, they realised that Aluminum was too harsh and they had to have Ti.
5)They didn't like Campy after all, had too have Shimano.
It is amazing, I agree.
re: Ebay questionPMC
Jul 6, 2002 6:48 PM
The cannondale is a bike shop bike. Atlanta Cyclery had posted that and a few other complete bikes on the rec.bicycle.marketplace board a month or so ago. I can't speak for the others.
re: Ebay questionJuanmoretime
Jul 7, 2002 8:17 AM
I know a guy that doesn't ride but just had to have a Colnago CT 1 full Campy record Carbon 10 speed and there it sits for the past six months with less than 100 miles on it, what a waste. If it were only my size!