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Mister, do you do that for fun . . .(2 posts)

Mister, do you do that for fun . . .ms
Jul 6, 2002 9:29 AM
Yesterday, I rode from Carlisle, PA, to Belleville, PA, to meet my wife and pick up my daughter from summer camp. I was in the middle of Port Royal, not sure if I had missed a turn and staring at a map, when a 12-13 year old boy on an old, rusty bike approached me. He was amazed when I told him where I wanted to go, which was about 18 miles away, and gave me a long stare. He then said: "Mister, do you do that for fun? When I replied yes, he said: "Cool." On the way, I had insults hurled at me by motorists and a convenience store worker treat me as if I were prisoner on the run. It was nice to get a positive comment -- and the boy also gave me good directions. Maybe, when the boy grows up, he will join us on the road.
Riding a bike always makes me feel ...Pecos
Jul 6, 2002 1:13 PM
like a kid again. That is why he was the only one to truly understand. The the non-cycling world is just getting old - the rest of us are staying fit and having fun doing it! Happy cycling!