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Look 396 Warranty Policy??????(3 posts)

Look 396 Warranty Policy??????garhead
Jul 6, 2002 6:37 AM
I bought a pair of 396's on Ebay "only rode 100 miles" Now I know why!! The left Tension Release hex is stripped!!! Yes I have contacted the seller this AM, but I was wondering what Looks policy is regarding replacing these since it seems to be a common problem? I am good friends with my LBS so he would have no problem returning them if I knew Look would replace them. Any thoughts or ideas?????
re: Look 396 Warranty Policy??????Maggiefan
Jul 6, 2002 6:51 AM
Hey garhead. I also bought a pair of 396's off e-bay and hope I didn't get a bad pair! Who did you order them from? I'd try to contact Look directly before talking to the dealer you bought them from. Drop me an e-mail when you have a chance. My e-mail is
re: Look 396 Warranty Policy??????Ian
Jul 6, 2002 9:49 AM
You are probably out of luck with Look. You need to go after the seller. Look pedals are warranted against manufacturer defects for three years and that extends to the original owner. You are not the original owner and a stripped hex would probably be considered mis-use. Even if a stripped hex was considered a warranty item, Veltec (Look's US distributer) has started to require receipts for warranty work due to grey market product from places like Sorry for the bad news, good luck with the seller.