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Oh the AGONY!!(1 post)

Oh the AGONY!!cyclejim
Jul 5, 2002 3:15 PM
I just got back from a 3 hour ride. For me, it's a big deal because its my longest ride ever and it's been a a few months since I've regularly done 2 hour rides on the weekends.

It started out great, I was able to maintain 19-20mph for over an hour and I felt pretty strong. I started to feel it at about the half way point, I started to get that elevated heart rate at same effort level feeling when I go on longer rides. I was drinking regularly (gatoraide and water mixed) and think I was pretty well hydrated. At the half way point I stopped for 3 minutes and ate a Clif bar.

I turned around at the 23 miles out point and headed back. Started to feel some cramping in my legs around the two hour point, so I lowered my speed and effort and tried to keep my heart rate at 150 or lower the remainder of the ride. The last 45 minutes were rough. I was ready for it to be over by then and basically stuggled/limped the rest of the way home at about 15 mph. The last 15 minutes was sheer hell.

After a quick shower I began to do some streching and got the most painful cramps I've ever experienced right as I pulled my right leg back by the ankle to get a hamstring strech. Immediately I got INTENSE, extremely painful cramps in both my thighs at the same time which lasted about 30-45 seconds. I had to stand straight up like a statue because my thighs were both so stiff from the cramps and I almost passed out. Gee think I overdid it? LOL

Now after eating a good meal and drinking a lot of water I feel great and have the best endorphin high Ive ever had.

It was worth it. Cant wait for the next ride.