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Tour Picks(1 post)

Tour Picksboneman
Jul 5, 2002 3:01 AM
As one of those US citizens who's outside of the country and having on a normal work day, here are my picks.

Yellow Jersey Lance- He's in great form with total team support. Barring accident or injury he's in line for 4 in a row.

Other podium choices- Kivilev who has a strong team. Botero or Sevilla, depending on who's going well at Kelme. Wild card is Igor Gonzalez de Galdeano.

Others- Heras who's back to his 2000 form but who will be subject to where he is supporting Lance. Beloki, despite 2 consecutive 3rds still has not convinced me as he's mostly followed the wheels of others. Leipheimer's another pick as he's pointed his entire season at this race and seems to be on great form but it's a big step from the Vuelta to the Tour. Hamilton's got a chance but I feel that his Giro effort will affect him. Zubeldia's another, like Kivilev, who will make the podium although probably not with Euskatel. Menchov or Mancebo have been going well but no podium this year.

Polka Dot- I'll go with Menchov or Laiseka

Green- Zabel whose team, especially with Vino out, will be dedicated to him. McEwen's the only threat and has a decent team. O'Grady's not had enough racing.

White Jersey- Mancebo

TTT- Once

VCR's locked and loaded. Eurostar tix to Paris on the 28th to see the results.