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First Crash! long....(2 posts)

First Crash! long....S-U-B
Jul 4, 2002 11:21 PM
I figured it was unavoidable if enough time was spent on the bike. Mine happened in a Cat 5 crit as luck would have it, it was my last race before upgrading. Not sure if it was my fault, but a guy in the pack in the middle of a straight away sits up and puts on the breaks at somewhere around 27 mph. Not expecting this, I run halfway through the guy in front of me who barely avoided the guy in front of him. I go ass over tea kettle and land on my head while the guy behind me runs me over with his bike. We all made it to the pits and I got my bike functioning and I'm off. Little did I know at the time, my seat is pointed towards right field, I have no front brake, my bars are crooked, and my rear shifter is broken I did not realize the shifter was broke until shifting down to sprint out of a corner and it would not allow me to shift back up. This made for a long race. Managed to pull out a 6th place which isn't bad all things considering. I pull into the pits after the race to exchange wheels, my Ksyrium was trashed and the Shimano tech looks at my rear shifter and throws on another one with no questions asked, and no charge either. Not a bad deal I figured. Unfortunately for the guy in front of me, his cannondale frame was done because the right seatstay buckled. The guy that ran me over actually blew out three spokes on his rear ksyrium while running me over. No broken bones, just alot of missing skin. The Shimano guys weren't bad either. Would you consider this crash my fault? I figure it is like driving, if you hit the guy in front of you, no matter how stupid he is, it's your fault. I almost offered to help the guy pay for a new frame. But slamming on the brakes in the middle of a straight away?
Lucky there were no broken bones!!!!!!!!!weiwentg
Jul 5, 2002 1:36 AM
if the guy in front of you does something really stupid, it's his fault. of course, he presumably had a reason to jam the brakes, like someone else in front of him doing something unexpected. preferably, you don't grab the brakes to compensate.
at least you got a new rear shifter. I hope the Ks are OK. and get well soon.