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Opinions on Calfee carbon fiber design?(14 posts)

Opinions on Calfee carbon fiber design?zray61
Jul 4, 2002 8:53 PM
I need a 64cm seat tube frame and they have them but I am unfamilar with the company.
Thanks for your help.
re: Opinions on Calfee carbon fiber design?seamus
Jul 4, 2002 9:57 PM
First, consider this:

Calfee's are among the most durable superlight bikes available, w/a 16lb bike warranteed for 25 years. I know many people who have 5-8 years on a Calfee, with no problems. Bombproof.

Calfee is among the only premium frames available in custom geometry, which may be useful for someone your size.

Third, in all my research, I couldn't find anyone who could really report a legitimate complaint about Calfee, apart from a few jealous litespeed and Colnago c40 owners.

Great bikes, among the top five bikes in the world, easy. But that's just my opinion, as someone who's been a professional bike tester for five years.

Check out the calfee website at and read the Calfee white paper about why the construction is so well thought out, and talk to any of us obsessed calfee owners at the owner's forum.
Which are the other 4?Pecos
Jul 5, 2002 6:54 AM
Here's a Calfee Complaint...PsyDoc
Jul 5, 2002 7:31 AM
...Bruce Wells took delivery of a new Dragonfly somewhere around the first of June. He noted that he had a problem with what he thought to be his rear Lew wheel. Turns out that non-drive side dropout debonded from the seatstay. He was not insanely mad or anything, but he was not happy. Here is the link to the thread:
Strong positive recommendationSantaCruz
Jul 4, 2002 10:55 PM
Concur about checking the Calfee site and their Owners Forum. I've been riding a Tetra for two years and have had no problems at all with the bike. Craig Calfee has been building high end carbon bikes for a long time (mid - late 1980s), and has built a solid reputation for excellent bikes and excellent customer service. In addition to custom geometry, the company has more than one tubeset and can vary frame stiffness to suit your riding style.
Jul 5, 2002 7:02 AM
Personally, I like them except for the big chunky lugs. They look very un-aero.

I have a friend who has a Calfee tandem, and he says it's light be pretty whippy.

Just me.

Jul 5, 2002 7:44 AM
If you don't like the looks, that's one thing. Calfee's are definlitey a bit different looking. But as for aerodynamics, bladed tubes and stuff like that really doesn't make much of a difference in real world speed, compared to other factors. And those aren't my words, it's what John Cobb told me...he said the most important thing you could do to improve aerodynamics of a bike is to relocate/remove water bottles from the cages and wear a hydropack or triathlete-style seat-mounted bottle cage.

Since probably only 5% of us do that, it makes aerodynamic lugs vs. not so aerodynamic lugs a bit silly, but that's just what John Cobb told me. And he's the guy that designed Lance Armstrong's time trial bike and perfected his position at Texas A&M wind tunnel. He said the shaping of tubes on Lance's bike doesn't even make that big of a difference, except for the fact that they integrate that hydration system.

Jul 5, 2002 7:55 AM
It's really the looks, not the performance.

From what I read (from John Cobb), bottles on the tubes are better:
Say Seamus, you didn't tell us which are thePecos
Jul 5, 2002 8:47 AM
other four of your top five frames. Just curious as to what a professional bike testers opinion is on this. Especially since you offered it.
Say Seamus, you didn't tell us which are theseamus
Jul 5, 2002 8:58 AM
If you want the other four, then go read CycleSport, after you finish your donuts, son.

They think Calfee is the finest carbon frame too.
Testy testy! I haven't said anything to warrant yourPecos
Jul 5, 2002 11:19 AM
stupid response to my post.

So Seamus, I guess you believe everything you read? I read Cyclesport too, but you said you were a "Professional Bicycle tester for the past five years"? Maybe you are just full of it and regurgitating something you read in a magazine. That is truly of no help to anyone. You sound like one of the posers that feels need to post something just to make youself feel like you actually know something.

As for the donuts, I'll race you any time any where. Just name the place. Hey, it sounds like you have C40 envy so maybe I'll bring mine or the Fondriest Carb Level U107 I have on order, son!
Testy testy! I haven't said anything to warrant yourseamus
Jul 5, 2002 11:48 AM
You're my new girlfriend, you insecure little man.
Thanks everyonezray61
Jul 5, 2002 12:33 PM
I think it is time we all move on.
Sorry it degraded to a flame fest. I have never had the ..Pecos
Jul 5, 2002 1:57 PM
opportunity to ride a Calfee, but have had the opportunity to help build one up in a friends shop for one of his customers. It was a very large frame too. The guy that bought it was 6'6". If I recall it was a 64cm frame, and at that size, built with Record Ti, the top gruppo at the time, it weighed in under 20lbs and that was with shop built Open Pros. Beautiful finish on the frame. It was their metallic Cabernet Red. Very sharp. If you have the means - they are pricey - then I don't believe you will be disappointed. Good luck and happy hunting. Shopping for a new bike is part of the fun of this hobby!