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Wasn't trying to be funny(4 posts)

Wasn't trying to be funnyCFBlue
Jul 4, 2002 5:33 AM
When I mentioned a pulled groin, nor was I making any porno suggestion.

Since a number of aches and pains are related to bike fit I thought, and still do, that someone may have a serious suggestion how this may be a fit issue. Though it is certainly possible it is just pulling too hard on the up stroke. (no off color references intended!) If I somehow misdescribed the affected muscle, my apologies. I talked to someone who had exact same symptom, sought out Dr help and that is what his Dr called it.

You folks were of help with my friend who is now succesfully riding with diabetes, and for that he and I do thank you, but I am disapointed in the quality of response to another serious question.

Whatever caused this pulled muscle, it is keeping me off my bike for at least a month. I can't even swing my leg over the bike and simply walking hurts.

another Mike
Sometimes humor and jocularity is the theme for the day,STEELYeyed
Jul 4, 2002 7:10 AM
and sometimes people on this board can be a little insensative or oversensative depending on the thread. A groin pull doesnt' seem to be a bike spececific injury,if a tendon is torn or you have a hernia you need to see a doctor and possibly face surgical repair. If it is a result of over use or a pull, it is going to be sore for probably 6 weeks. If it hurts to walk,and its been a month,I would get it checked by a sports medicine doc.
I don't think it is fitfiltersweep
Jul 4, 2002 9:05 AM
..unless you have some extreme bike setup.

BTW- they even say pro athletes are on the disabled list because of "groin injuries"... all the American's here are likely just giddy because of the holiday ;)

I do find it difficult to believe that biking itself can cause a pulled muscle like that... basically you are doing the same muscle motion over and over again.

Running, while it appears to be similar, is very different, since the range of motion varies according to terrain (you can step in a hole and twist your ankle, for example)- but biking- even MTN biking is that same thing over and over.

I guess it is conceivable that if you were really pulling back on the bars during a climb and really hammering, you may have pulled a groin muscle (similar to lifting something "with your back").

At least for me, the upstroke appears to affect my outer quads, and sometimes my hip joint, but never anything more central, like a groin. Thinking it through, it does seem possible if your seat is too low, that pulling up could cause your problem (since you would be lifting your femur higher than normal), but you'd probably be having no seatpost showing for something that extreme.

Do you stretch before a ride?

Another off-chance possibility is that if you went on a long hard ride, and came back sore and wiped out, then did something completely non-bike related, you may have pulled it while favoring other muscles that were not as sore.

If you do have a fit issue, I'm sure you'd experience much more obvious fit-issue symptoms before having a pull.
re: Wasn't trying to be funnyCFBlue
Jul 5, 2002 8:18 PM
I've been away for the holiday, but I do want to thank you both for useful replies.

On looking around my house and normal activities, I've found something I've been doing that seems to really aggravate the problem, stepping over a low fence, about crotch height. Maybe it is the cause, and the climbing hard just brought it to the fore front. I am happy to think that the bike was not the cause

Thanks again