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Pet peeves(2 posts)

Pet peevesMatno
Jul 3, 2002 5:10 PM
Just two things (for today):

1) Reviews without comparisons. Why don't people ever compare their products in the Reviews section? It bugs me when I see reviews with several models listed in the "Other products tested" category, but there is absolutely no comparison of the different models. What's the point? Saying "this bike sucks" means nothing to me. Saying bike A absorbs vibration better than bike B actually says something. If you're going to try to give your review more credibility than it really should have (by listing other products that you claim to have tried), back it up with actual information.

2) Skin sidewalls. A few bikes can get away with them, but they don't really look good on ANY bikes and they look downright awful on most. So why are they so common? With modern technology the way it is, I know it's not because they are somehow better quality. Maybe for the traditionalists among us, but admit it, there really aren't that many of you out there.

Just my ranting. Don't take it personally. However, if you feel there is justification for either of those things, please explain.
Jul 3, 2002 5:33 PM

But opinion?

Oh, I got loads o' that...

"Skin sidewalls", aka gumwalls, are to me absolutely focking beautiful. As far as I'm concerned bike tyres should only come in three colours anyway:

2)Black with gumwall
3)Black with whitewall

Now honestly mate, you can't tell me all these frooty, candy colored, compounds turn you on?



A. (Natural rubber sidewalls are just like brown leather, they come and go fashion-wise, but always look stylish.)