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480Miles to Compare Trek,Motobecane, Raleigh, Fuji, Specilzd(5 posts)

480Miles to Compare Trek,Motobecane, Raleigh, Fuji, SpecilzdOK-larry
Jul 3, 2002 2:00 PM
After reading everything I could and posting on boards; I had to break down and drive 480 roiund trip from Tulsa to dallas to test road bikes all in one Sunday. Very interesting and confusing.

I rode a Cannondale R900 {105 & Ultegra for $1795}; a Trek 2300 {ultegra for $1695}; a Specialized Allez Comp {ultegra for $1895}; a Motobecane le Champion Team {Dura Ace for $1750}; A Fuji Team {ultegra for $1595}; and a Raleigh R700 {ultegra for $1495}. It was very enlightening.
The Cannondale and the Raleigh both rode very rough and didnt handle that well either. In fact, I prefer my 20 year old Peugeot to either. But the Trek, Specialized, Fuji, and Motobecane all were very responsive and quick - not to harsh a ride -- and it was almost impossable to tell them apart. Is this common? Maybe so - but I expected more difference. I thought I liked the Dura Ace better than the Ultegra - but this could have been all in my head {the DuraAce & Ultegra seemed close to me - does anyone else experience that?}. But on the ride; those 4 were so close it was incrediable.
I went ahead and got the Motobecane - since it seemed like a better deal - although I like the White on both the Trek & Fuji. Specialized was a liitle too loud - but in OK we are conservative.
anyway - that is my whole buying story - other than to point out that adding my Brooks pro seat has added about a pound to my new bikes weight - but that it is still the best on my rear end I have ever tried.
Where in Dallas?meatisdeath
Jul 3, 2002 2:13 PM
austin is only 200 miles way - sounds like a great way to shop - - what store in Dallas has all those on the floor. Here we have great dealers but they are always out of stuff in size selection
Where in Dallas?SlowRoadie
Jul 4, 2002 8:19 AM
Sounds like Richardson BIke mart- HUGE store with almost everything.
Where in Dallas?JBurton
Jul 4, 2002 10:01 AM
The Bike Mart doesn't sell Motobecane. I believe that Bicycles Inc. with several locations around D/FW sells that brand. In fact, one of the shops (on Beltline in Carrollton, I believe) has a sweet vintage Motobecane (not for sale, of course)...the "Real" Motobecane, that is. The new MBC is just a guy who bought the U.S. rights to the MBK name. Still, a Dura-Ace complete bike for $1,800? Pretty tempting.
re: 480Miles to Compare Trek,Motobecane, Raleigh, Fuji, Specilzdgs6769
Jul 3, 2002 4:49 PM
Congrats on the new ride! As you've no doubt seen, there have been several posts inquiring about the new Motobecane line and it's attributes. Looks like you're the guy to clue us in! I'm sure a ride report or two would be quite welcome.