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Look KG361? KX ?(5 posts)

Look KG361? KX ?Leroy
Jul 3, 2002 1:31 PM
I test rode a Look KG361 today. Way cool bike. It was set up with 105, but I had some 'automatic' action at the cassette when I stood up to pedal. We got caught in a shower and had to haul it back to the shop. Is that frame flex, or bad adjustment of the 105? I really couldn't feel the frame flex. Could it have been my inexperience with Shimano stuff? I liked the ride quality. Maybe I need to consider a KX? Thanks in advance for any reports.
re: Look KG361? KX ?collinsc
Jul 3, 2002 2:22 PM
I bet its the 105. Mine did that before I had it readjusted after initial cable stretch. I'm interested in the 361 as well, but they are not easy to find in my area, can you compare it to anything? (or contrast it with anything)
I was hoping that was the case.Leroy
Jul 3, 2002 3:25 PM
Both my bikes are campy mixes, and this 105 was the first I had ever ridden. The 105 was ok and all; I'm not really the strong type of rider that's going to deflect a good frame. Actually the 361 was real smooth. I did not feel like any effort was wasted. I've got two steel bikes and it felt smooth like steel, but livelier. It's light to me; that was a real neat sensation = carbon levitation? I never really rode a bike quite like it. We got about 3 blocks away from the store - me and the salesman - when the sky opened up. It rained like crazy. The 361 accelerated just fine, I thought, [except for the 105 slippage] and the handling was surefooted in the rain. I really like the bike. When my ship comes in, in the near future, I'm going to go for one. I guess I'm an easy sale.
re: Look KG361? KX ?flying
Jul 3, 2002 5:37 PM
Hey the KG361 is on sale for 899 I think at excel
but in Kelme only
June edition of Cycle Sport had a review of the 361Tig
Jul 4, 2002 8:29 AM
I saw the June issue was still on the stands yesterday at Barnes & Noble, so you might be able to find it. They were surprised at how stiff it was compared to a plush riding OCLV, but gave it a an overall favorable review. Personally I'd opt for the 381i, but for the money the 361 is a great bike. My impression is that the KX would be a good bike for a strong, heavier rider.

A little cable adjustment at the rear derailleur should fix the shifting problem.