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this week's board in review (haiku)(5 posts)

this week's board in review (haiku)JS Haiku Shop
Jul 3, 2002 12:10 PM
used shorts: brown in back
but perhaps you're most lucky--
not brown in front

animal commune
rode with bird for some two miles
woke up without pants

hand signals to cars
"finger signal" more precise
better ride fast, tho

requisite sore post:
don't ride with well-greased caboose,
you'll be sore in end

who rolled before rode?
not me. i had six beers, tho
was rolled after rode

indoor bike storage
merckx stayed bedroom for first days
wife was out of town

ullrich is non-neg
perhaps dentist visit, no?
drove there in his porche

tour de france dot com
new meaning to "points leader"
and, fear of road rash

roadies V tri geeks
most likely post to show pic
of dude without shirt

stem too long, you ask
ah! photo caption contest
perhaps related

topic "pulled groin"
this is bike board, not porn site
tour de france dot com

please recommend shorts
PI, Voler, Nalini--
please don't buy them used

negative drag wheels
new "Clinton" manufacture
(he did not inhale)

longest word in post this week
strangest post, also

this deserves more thought
circus fire eater in loo
colnago, ten bucks

cc model babe
don't open pandora's box
(perhaps that's her name)

pegoretti wreck
pains the soul to consider
"quick-release paint" scratch

guidelines for crank length
must consult caption contest
dig deep for answer

accident free ride?
mother always said: clean shorts
if in accident

pedal V cone wrench
what's the difference, you ask
one clipless, one tool

"who are you" comes back
nineteen, six four seven views
do i get royalty?

post-ride hooters pick
not sure which worse, hooters pic
or eat in ride kit

regardless, forgive
last week hooter's first visit
for haiku author

disbelieve, at first
I: shocked they wear what they wear
but, disappoint? no.

and, most startling find
hooters' frequent customers
family in tow

wear headphones when ride?
those they call "organ donor"
or on a closed course

decent average speed?
fifty plus going downhill
going up? upright.

happy fourth, posters
and, if anything comes up
feel free not to call

amazing, as usual :-) nmDougSloan
Jul 3, 2002 1:09 PM
re: ... somehow seems as though it should be set to music...Akirasho
Jul 3, 2002 1:11 PM
... with MTV style video vignettes...

We abide.

Remain In Light.
The board's Homer, and I don't mean Simpson. nmMXL02
Jul 3, 2002 1:59 PM
pure genius (nm)gregg
Jul 3, 2002 2:51 PM