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Karmic ramifications(2 posts)

Karmic ramificationsbigskulls
Jul 3, 2002 7:36 AM
I thought this was hysterical and just had to share...(best bit at the end)

London - A young woman tourist on a cycling tour of Britain has had her expensive bicycle sold by a charity shop for next to nothing while she popped into the changing room to try on a shirt.

Emily Harris, 25, who comes from rural Alaska, told the BBC on Tuesday whe had taken her $1,800 bicycle into the British Heart Foundation charity shop in Edinburg for fear it would be stolen if she left it outside.

"My knees turned to jelly and I fell down. I felt like I'd been kicked in the stomach. I was hysterical" the circus fire-eater said.

"The bike's my entire way of life. If he doesn't give it back, the karmic ramifications could be terrible. I don't deserve this. I haven't been bad."

Harris had selected an inexpensive shirt and gone into the changing room to try it on, when a customer, said to be an Asian man, came in and asked how much the bike cost.

Jean Prentice, an attendant in the shop, give the price as 10 pounds ($15) and the man went off with it.

"It was a busy Saturday and donations get continually left in the shop, so when a man asked how much the bike was, I just said 10 pounds. We didn't know it belonged to a lady who was in the changing room. She was in a dreadful state.

Harris, who has been touring Scotland with the circus troupe Circo Rivo, said she had covered the frame with black masking tape so that potential theives would not realized it was valuable.
I remember reading somewherecyclinseth
Jul 3, 2002 7:55 AM
that a cyclist went into a salvation to use the bathroom or something like that and came out to find his very expensive (c-40?) bicycle had been sold.