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Sharing the road and PSAs from famous people . . .(4 posts)

Sharing the road and PSAs from famous people . . .cyclinseth
Jul 3, 2002 7:00 AM
And excerpt from today's velo news:

Williams to get front-row view
Actor Robin Williams will be back to the Tour de France this month to watch buddy Lance Armstrong.

Williams lit up the 2000 Tour when he showed up at the finish line in Paris with Monty Python actor Eric Idle and Michael J. Fox and returned last year to watch the stage at Alpe d'Huez.

According to People magazine, Williams will show up for the 14th stage to Mont Ventoux on July 21, also Williams' 51st birthday. He will travel in the team car of directeur sportif Johan Bruyneel.

"It's like being on the field in a football game," Williams said. The actor, who's been friends with Armstrong since the pair worked together at a cancer fund-raiser in the late 1990s, is an avid cyclist and reportedly has more than 50 bikes. Williams rides up to 100 miles a day - when he's not making movies.

WOW!!! Maybe him and Armstrong should be doing some "Share The Road" Public Service Announcements.

How could we get this done? Let's brain-storm.
re: Sharing the road and PSAs from famous people . . .Me Dot Org
Jul 3, 2002 8:11 AM
Williams did live commentary at the end of the San Francisco Grand Prix last year. A wierd combination of a knowledgeable cyclist and...well...Robin William. Sort of Phil Ligget meets Jonathan Winters.
cant imagine anything worse.pukka
Jul 3, 2002 8:32 AM
than doing a century with robin williams prattling on in various funny voices,i think i'd do my fastest yet trying to drop the annoying git!
I think you missed the pointcyclinseth
Jul 3, 2002 8:48 AM
I wasn't suggesting we go ride with the dude.