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Holiday riding(3 posts)

Holiday ridingJackDanielsFSU
Jul 3, 2002 5:16 AM
Well its the big day tomorrow. A day that most of us have off of work and we can get out of this office and go ride. Anyone doing a big ride tomorrow? I think im gonna try doin a 50 mile ride tomorrow and maybe more if I feel up to it. My longest ride so far has only been 27 miles but that is because I havent had time to get out and do a long ride. I also am planning on doing my frist group ride on Sat morning. Any tips you can give me for riding in a paceline? I think I am gonna stick with the 16mph to 18mph group? This a good group for a newbie or do you suggest I go with the 16 mph and under group? On solo rides I average 13 to 16 mph and thats with stoping for stop signs and lights and stuff.

re: Holiday ridingfunknuggets
Jul 3, 2002 6:39 AM
If your gonna get better, ride with better people. However, since you have not ridden over 27 miles, you may run out of gas and get dropped. The 16 to 18 mph group should be fine. Your decision.

As far as being in the paceline, as a newbie focus on maintaining a decent line, try not to run into anyone, or brake suddenly. Plus, dont get in front and try to drop everyone when it is your turn.
Drinking/Driving Holiday --> be carefull.nmMiklos
Jul 3, 2002 9:45 AM