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The Tragedy of the Pegoretti(8 posts)

The Tragedy of the PegorettiBerm
Jul 2, 2002 11:52 AM
After months of research, I finally pulled the trigger and bought a Pegoretti Fina Estampa. Built it up with Campy Record, Ksyriums, etc. To say I was anal about my "baby" might be an understatement. Then it happened.

With the bike about 2 1/2 months old and with only 1,400 miles on it, I crashed. I was on a fast group ride of about 80 people, when during a sprint, the guy in front of me crashes into the guy on his left. The two guys go down hard and run right over them, fly about 15' in the air and donate some skin to the road.

I snap the derailleur hanger, bend the wheels (not bad), scratch the carbon brake levers, scatch the derailler, loose the paint off of the rear drop outs and here is the worse -- I bend the rear triangle by about a 1/2" and have to watch the mechanic torture the frame back into alignment.

What have a learned? (1) That a bike is just a tool; (2) A scratch or two won't kill you; and (3) riding is a great sport and I can't wait until the next ride/race.
re: The Tragedy of the Pegorettigs6769
Jul 2, 2002 12:01 PM
Oh man. Glad you're ok and the bike is at least semi ok.

I really like your 'what have I learned'. Wise words. A bike without a ding or two hasn't been ridden very hard. I'll remember your post the next time I start obsessing over a scraped shifter housing or the like.
re: The Worstalansutton
Jul 2, 2002 12:39 PM
My ridding buddy waited months for a custom Ti Davidson, with custom Ti color, built with Record 10, Ksyriums, the works. On it's way home from the shop, he drives into the garage with is on his roof rack. I showed up at his house 10 minutes after it happened and the way he was acting you'd think someone had just killed his wife. What surprised me was how little damage actually occurred to the bike. The only major thing that happed was a large dent in the top tube, but it was still straight. The fork looked fine too. The seat was ruined, as was the rear wheel. The roof of his car was totaly scratched though.
re: The Worst - I had a similar experiencejagiger
Jul 2, 2002 3:43 PM
I just gotten a new '75 peugot (ancient history lesson), which I hadn't ridden. I attach the bike rack to the back of my VW bug (more ancient stuff) & throw the bike on the back. I miscalculated the angle of the driveway at the curb and I taco both wheels. I was livid, jumping up & down and generally going crazy. It was so bad that this guy who was stop at the intersection, stops to see if I'm ok! It's funny now, but it wasn't then. Luckily, the LBS was great & only charged me cost for new rims.
I'd Have The Frame Looked At By Someone That You TrustGregory Taylor
Jul 2, 2002 12:40 PM
If the rear triangle is that tweaked, I might want to have a framebuilder (or even the folks at Pegoretti) look at it.
re: The Tragedy of the PegorettiBrad S
Jul 2, 2002 1:56 PM
Sorry to hear that happened. Pegoretti's are great bikes. How did you like your Fina Estampa? I have a Great Googoolee Moogoolee (steel - EOM 16.5).

Be careful about cold setting (straightening) that aluminum frame though. Almost all aluminum needs to be heat treated (artificially aged) before it regains it strength after cold setting (or welding). 5000 series aluminum (used in the orginal Columbus Altec tubing) is an exception, but your Fina Estampa uses 6000 series aluminum that needs to be artificially aged in an oven by a knowledgable frame builder.

I would really question the durability of that frame after a crash like that. Personally, I would not ride it again until you get a frame builder to check it out (and artificially age the aluminum again so that it regains it's strength).
re: The Tragedy of the PegorettiBerm
Jul 2, 2002 6:01 PM
Thanks for the advice about having a frame builder take a look at it. Knock on wood but I have about 80 miles on it since the cold setting and it rides the same as before and there is no creaking or other signs of a problem. Also, I check the frame very carefully for cracks before every ride.

The Fina Estampa is a great bike. It is light, stable and corners very well. Hard to believe but it is more comfortable then my previous Reynolds 853 steel bike.
re: The Tragedy of the Pegorettinelsonk
Jul 2, 2002 10:07 PM
Brad, I know this is drifting off the subject. I'm been looking at the GGM and was wondering how's it ride. I fear it might be harsh given the large diameter tubes. Is the ride pretty supple and forgiving. How'd you think it'll be for someone that's 6' 165 lbs that likes riding centuries. Where'd you purchase it from.