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Oh dear... Custom steel or this?(13 posts)

Oh dear... Custom steel or this?hayaku
Jul 1, 2002 9:07 PM
Has anybody had any experience with this frame? It's made in Japan and I got beaten by a guy ridding one last weekend... Not that I blame the frame of course.

It's carbon fiber. My coach thinks that a custom steel would be the best idea for me. Difficult decisions...
what's the name? can't read it in picture. --nmnamir
Jul 1, 2002 9:09 PM
I think it's an Anchor...Akirasho
Jul 1, 2002 9:17 PM (it's in Nihongo)

We abide.

Remain In Light.
Looks like a Pedal Force frame....Niwot
Jul 1, 2002 9:43 PM
Pedal Force makes carbon frames in Taiwan, see

Supergo also sells the Pedal Force ZX frame under the name "Scattante CFR", see

and this picture.
Somebody actually named a bike Anchor? (nm)Sintesi
Jul 2, 2002 5:42 AM
It is Japan... I saw a flier for phone sex last night....hayaku
Jul 2, 2002 5:12 PM
The service was called "Platonic" That struck me as a little odd, maybe they used it because sounds like Atomic... "Atomic sex" sounds great.

But I agree that Anchor is a weird name for a bike.
I'd like to see that phone... nmDougSloan
Jul 3, 2002 5:37 AM
Yea sorry... It's an Anchor.hayaku
Jul 2, 2002 1:31 AM
They are made by Bridgestone and ridden by Team Bridgestone. (One of the guys that shot past me in the final sprint, and the Japanese national champion rode one to his victory) I guess it must be a good frame, but I wanted to know if anybody has had any experience with it. I saw alot at the race I went to last weekend but didn't have time to stop and ask about them.

I am primarily after a stiff frame. Can a steel lugged frame really be super stiff? Is a carbon fiber pro team issue bike going to be stiff??? Oh the stress... Thanks for you help.
OK, now a pic of the custom steel.hayaku
Jul 2, 2002 2:37 AM
Mine will be a different colour and should be different dimensions. This is just an example, not very pretty but people tell me it is a real beauty to ride. The maker is Nakagawa.

What do you think?

By the way, the brake and gear levers are made by the same guy to fit Dura-ace, they're kinda cool.
Jul 2, 2002 4:19 AM
Wasn't Nakagawa the main builder under 3Rensho's founder?
Mmm, I don't know.hayaku
Jul 2, 2002 5:18 PM
Apparently he is one of the top 3 builders in Japan. His bikes are riden by some of Japans best, they are very nice bikes. Either way I'm sure I would be happy.
Lugged steelNessism
Jul 2, 2002 4:43 AM
A super stiff lugged steel frame can be built but it will be on the heavy side. The problem comes in because the lugs dictate the tube sizes that must be used. Unfortunately, there aren't many choices if you want larger than common oversize diameters. Because of this, to get stiff it's necessary to go thick walled tubes - on the down tube at least.

A nice stiff lugged steel frame will weigh in the 3.75 - 4.0 lbs. for a medium size frame. I know this stuff because I build lugged frames in my garage from time to time. I've been planning to try to build with some of the super oversize tubing and lugs but there are complications. Email me if you want more information.

re: Oh dear... Custom steel or this?namir
Jul 2, 2002 8:00 AM
definitely get the's pretty sharp looking.