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Fed up with drivers ...(21 posts)

Fed up with drivers ...Merckx fan
Jul 1, 2002 4:09 PM
... trying too hard to be "courteous" to me!

Like today, I'm rolling up to a stop sign intending to go straight, guy in a pickup is across at his stop sign intending to go left. He's got a perfect chance to go, but I'm on a bike so of course he sits and waits for me, probably afraid I'll blow right through the sign and go under his wheels. So I stop and plant a foot, then both of us have to wait because by now there's traffic on the road I want to cross. Then I wait for him, and he waits for me, until finally he makes his turn; probably mad at me because I wouldn't go when he wanted me to. But of course I'm not gonna do that, 'cause how do I know exactly when his patience will run out? Then of course the two cars who came up behind him during all this expect me to wait for them too. So pickup guy ends up causing me more problems than if he had just made his turn when he had the chance.

Something like this happens to me at least once per ride. I wish these people would just behave like they would if I was a car.
maybe notfiltersweep
Jul 1, 2002 4:13 PM
he might be the sort that has "all the time in the world" and not be the least bit "mad" at you... we've all ridden with the type, where you want to jump out of the moving car because you KNOW you can get there faster ON FOOT.
Okay, but how about this one?Merckx fan
Jul 1, 2002 4:29 PM
Yesterday I'm tooling along at around 20 mph on a practically empty road when an SUV passes me, then goes a few more car lengths and stops, driver's side tires hugging the center line & right-turn signal blinking. I grab the brakes and check the road behind & in front & see that the two of us are the only traffic in sight. I swing way left to pass her. As I get alongside I hear her say in a really snotty voice, "I was waiting for you!"

Oh yeah, lady! Like I'm really going to pass an SUV on the right while it's signaling a right turn. Maybe the day I develop a DEATH WISH!
I'm tellin' ya....Ahimsa
Jul 1, 2002 5:36 PM
I'm becoming more and more TRUE anti-car every day. Before I was pro "responsible use" and tongue in cheek anti-car just to rile the rubes, but these days I think that most people need their cars taken away from them. It's becoming akin to giving a baby a firearm.

"Oh yeah, Ahimsa? Well the day you take my God given Uh- mer-kin right to drive my car is the day you......blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.....cold dead fingers.....blah blah blah you pinko commie f*ck!"

Yeah, whatever jack*ss. The car is an outmoded and dangerous machine that has outlived it's real usefulness too damned long. It is a cancer in the states. Use it responsibly or lose it. This is inevitable.

6 billion people do not each need high speed heavy machinery for short to medium distance personal transport. The idea of such a thing is ludicrous and indefensible with anything other than an argument based on want and an auto-centric culture's feeling of entitlement.

It ceases to be a "right" when it infringes on the rights of others.

Petrol and cigarettes...similar industries...think about it.

End of self righteous rant.

A. (Cosmicallyfedup)
You must have strong babies in the UKkenyee
Jul 2, 2002 10:11 AM
To be able to pull 5 lb triggers like that while sticking it in their mouth. Or are you referring to the babies known as your politicians? :-)

Out of curiosity, now that crime is rising since the great ban when someone decided that the public doesn't "need" (like that someone had some god-given right to decide something like that for everyone in the entire country) a tool:

do you have more violence against cyclists now? Some of the robbers should realize that some bikes are worth a couple of grand by now.

p.s., driving is not a Right in the US. It's a privilege. Other things which are in the B.O.R. are being taken away and the public doesn't seem worried, but that's another story for another bulletin board.
UK? Doctor Presumptious I presume? [nm]Ahimsa
Jul 2, 2002 4:57 PM
I have to look out for yourself!!!jagiger
Jul 1, 2002 5:56 PM
Today, I had some one start into the intersection & stop as I was coming to a stop on her left. Thanks for nothing...I don't need the favor as I'll get hammered by the next person.

Almost did too, within a 3/4 mi I'm doing 20+ and I have the right of way & this women looks left (doesn't see me)& looks right and then proceeds come in front of me. If I didn't yell I would have gotten it.

Oh yeah, about 1 mi before the 1st lady in the intersection a FedEx truck cuts they're turn short so I had to slow down to take the turn. Today I fell like a cat with "no lives".
re: Fed up with drivers ...ski4x
Jul 1, 2002 7:08 PM
I have the exact same problem. People must have had really bad experiences with cyclists cos almost everyone who comes to a stop sign with you approaching it, behaves if as you are going to blow right thru it. And then we sit there having a staring match, waiting to see who is going to flinch first!
Lack of communication on both parts (nm)NJRoad
Jul 2, 2002 5:30 AM
They're too curteous?Crankist
Jul 2, 2002 5:45 AM
Please post your zipcode; we must put a stop to this.
Umm, communicate!Miklos
Jul 2, 2002 6:42 AM
Yes, I too have this happen a lot. I however do not consider it a problem. What I do if there is someone that got to the intersection first, I always unclip and put a foot down. This lets them know I'm not blowing the intersection. Then, if they are still hesitating, I will wave them through. They will then either go or will wave me through instead. If they wave me through, I will go and give them a wave of "thanks".

All it takes is a little communication.

even simplermr_spin
Jul 2, 2002 7:37 AM
There's no need to unclip and foot down. Stop pedaling, sit up if you are in the drops, look directly at the driver, make eye contact as best you can (hard to see through sunglasses), then give them a wave through. It's all in the body language.

Even with obvious body language, some people won't get it. One day I came to the top of a long, hard climb, where there is a three-way stop sign. There is rarely anyone there, and since the climb doesn't end until you go through the intersection, I only stop if I have to. One day I was approaching, but still at least 50 feet away going about 8 mph, and a guy stops at the sign on my right. I'm so far away, I don't even consider that he would wait for me, but he sits there, sits there, sits there. I'm thinking, just GO!

Finally I'm about to reach my stop sign, and he's still there. I give a wave thru and he still doesn't move. Because I am now almost out of momentum, I decide if he's going to wait for me, then I'll go. Naturally, my going is is the signal that he should now go. I see him go, brake, and have to click out to keep from falling over. He sees me stop, which is naturally, his signal that he should now stop. I can't believe this guy, and I'm pissed enough that I can't help but say out loud "Oh COME ON!" His window is open, so he hears me and goes nuts. He slams his wheel and starts loudly muttering something unintelligible, and finally, he drives off.

This whole thing took about 30 seconds, which seems trivial, but how long have you stopped at a stop sign in the middle of nowhere where there is no traffic? I'll bet 5 seconds max. Count 30 seconds in your head and see if it isn't an unreasonable amount of time.
I find thatMiklos
Jul 2, 2002 7:56 AM
very few motorists understand a trackstand. They all seem to understand when I put a foot down, I'm stopped. I would have to say that in their mind, as long both feet are on the pedals, I am still moving. You and I know we have stopped, but, still the only way they seem to think we can stop is to put that foot down. In short, thats one of the reasons I prefer dual sided spd's for riding around traffic.

Ditto...I do this walking, riding, drivingkenyee
Jul 2, 2002 7:56 AM
I'll wave a car by when I'm walking. I'll wave pedestrians by if I'm driving. I'll wave cars by at a stop sign if riding.

And also do the thank you wave afterwards if I get waved across (and also if I signal).

A little courtesy makes the world a better place.

An example of what not to do: pedestrian gets to crosswalk, sticks hand out like a traffic cop, then walks across. That is just rude, especially if you were planning on waving the pedestrian across anyways.
re: Fed up with drivers ...klay
Jul 2, 2002 6:48 AM
If you were going straight and he was turning, I think you had the right of way and should have gone first. By waiting you might have been doing something that was different that what the driver expected. If you're gonna do that, you need to let the other driver know.

I think he had the right of way.Merckx fan
Jul 2, 2002 7:22 AM
Because he was already at his stop sign and I hadn't reached mine yet.
Mr Spin=Merckx Fan?tronracer
Jul 2, 2002 7:54 AM
You are right, the driver had the right of way, but if they are going to wait that long it is totally obvious they are going to let you go. So just give a wave of thnaks and be gone.
Mr Spin=Merckx Fan?mr_spin
Jul 2, 2002 8:53 AM
I like Eddy, but I ride a Litespeed.
Not necessarily...Brooks
Jul 2, 2002 9:15 AM
At a four way intersection with stop signs two ways (the minor streets feeding into a collector road), if the driver reached the stop sign first but had traffic delay his ability to turn and you as a cyclist or driver subsequently reached your stop sign and intended to go straight, when cross traffic clears the driver/cyclist going straight has the right-of-way, regardless of who got there first. Now since he got there first when there was no cross traffic, he had the right of way at that time but abbrogated his ROW since he didn't turn and traffic then made both of you wait.

So ends driver's education 101. ;-)
This is exactly what I was thinking...klay
Jul 2, 2002 9:37 AM
At a four way stop, first person to the intersection would have the right of way. Not at a two way like this one.


I think this is incorrect...klay
Jul 2, 2002 9:40 AM
...and maybe the source of your frustration.

Still my guess - You did something that he did not expect as he was following his (correct) understanding of the law.