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Squeaks and Creaks-Help(5 posts)

Squeaks and Creaks-Helpdmoller
Jul 1, 2002 9:31 AM
Bought new Airborne last Sept with full Ultegra. Shifts were smooth and crisp and bike pretty much purred like a kitten until about a month ago when the shift started messing up (mainly to the bigger cogs on the cassette). Took it in for an adjustment and the LBS where I bought the bike tightened a cable or two. Shipped the bike to Tahoe for a century and all seemed to be fine. Get back home and the shifts are messed up going up and down the cassette. Back to the shop for another adjustment, but still getting squeaks even when in the 39 chainring and two largest rear cogs or the 52 and the 12 or 13 cogs. Sounds pretty quiet in either chainring and the middle two rear cogs on a 12-25. Also getting some creaks that don't sound like chain rubbing on the front deraillur. Tech at the shop was pointing out the trim feature on the Ultegra for the front der., but playing with that didn't cure the prob. and was never needed the first 8 mos I owned the bike. Any suggestions as to the cause? Could something have gotten bent on return shipping from Tahoe?
Read Instructions BookSpinN
Jul 1, 2002 12:15 PM
I am no mechanic, but I always tweak my own derailleurs. No matter who adjusts my front derailleur I always end up fine tuning it.

I suggest you break own those Shimano directions and learn to do it yourself. The problem with the boys at the shop is that they adjust it on the stand and never put a real life load on it. Thus, when you give it the old battlefield test a little rubbing occurs.

As for creaks, make sure your bottom bracket, chain ring bolts. and crank bolt are tight and greased.

Normally, if you bend the rear derailleur hanger you will be able to adjust it to work either upwards or downwards but not both.

Maybe you just need a new cable.
Noises offKerry Irons
Jul 1, 2002 4:45 PM
When was the last time you lubed the chain, and with what? If these are squeaks that are dependent on the gear, it could just be a chain that needs lube or used something like White Lightning that squeaks pretty easily. If it is clicks instead of squeaks, it could be the BB(most common) needing tightening, chain ring bolts, pedal axles, pedals, cleats (also a source of squeaks), seat, seat post, QR skewers, spokes at the cross points, . . . .
Ironically, just cleaned the chaindmoller
Jul 2, 2002 5:52 AM
a day or two before riding and in fact used the White Lightning, at the recommendation of the LBS, the night before riding. Any other suggestions on lube ( I have some Pedros wax type lube which came with the chain cleaner) and how cautious does one need to be when rinsing the chain/deraillur? Thanks
re: Squeaks and Creaks-Helpclintb
Jul 2, 2002 1:43 PM
For some great pointers in a print format, go to. and look for the pdf files under each part. Even after 2 yrs in the bike industry, I found them to be a nice point-of-reference.

Also, try a different lube. The WL tends to be too dry and requires more frequent lubing. I tend to prefer Boeshield T9 and for curiosity sake, will be trying ProLink soon.