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Why Cannondale?? why???(9 posts)

Why Cannondale?? why???niteschaos
Jul 1, 2002 8:46 AM
Why is it that you have to pay 250 to 500 more for the same full group in Cannondales than in other brands? I know they have great frames, but get serious. Is it necessary to pay 1300 for a full Tiagra?
re: Why Cannondale?? why???fracisco
Jul 1, 2002 9:01 AM
A good thing about Cannondale, is that put out a lot of product. It is easy to find last year's or even a two year old model on the floor at a big LBS and pay hundreds less than full retail. I did that with my bike. It originally listed around $1400, full 105 CAAD3, and I purchased for a bit over $900.

I've even see guys in the group rides here on CAAD3 frames, that have been built up with Chorus or Record and nice wheels as their crit bikes.

I would be hard pressed to buy a new anything at full retail unless I really wanted CAAD7.
Two words...Breakfast
Jul 1, 2002 12:12 PM
...Planned Obsolesence.

And, here's two more...Mass Production.
Just a guesselviento
Jul 1, 2002 9:10 AM
Given the low cost of mass produced aluminum frames and relatively few frame models, they use parts to create artificial high end low end distinctions, and as a result try to reach different target markets. R500-R5000, etc.

They also use a wide profit margin to secure dealer's favor and hence market share.

Now if only the sponsored pro teams could produce some results.
re: Why Cannondale?? why???pa rider
Jul 1, 2002 9:32 AM
If your comparing apples to orange it's hard to compare. I have a CAAD 4 2001 c-dale, and only paid $1400. The frame goes for $600, but I have to admit that I saw better groupos on other aluminum bikes (Raleigh).

This is the 5th c-dale I ever owned, but they claim they do alot of R&D to give you that knowledge in their bikes. I can see why the Jekyll mtb lefty forks are superior to any other cross county fork. But I'm not sure what advandtage their road bikes have over other bikes.

I road with our one dealer last saturday and asked him is there an advantage getting a CAAD 7 (over $5000 for complete bike) vs a highend ti bike with record groupo (Spectrum custom bike for example). Only thing I could get from him was how Cannondale shaved the headset and bottom bracket for this new lighter intergrated sytems (headset and the bottom bracket and crank they only make for their bikes).

My point was how much more can you change on an aluminum bike before durability becomes an issue. When the switched the mtb to the CAAD system their 2.8 frames where breaking because the wall diameter was alittle thin in some of the areas. At least they give you a lifetime warrenty compare to an Eddie merkix (sorry about spelling) scandinavian frame with 3 year warrenty. His frames where at $1850 and probably in the same price range as the CAAD 7 built up.

I only got the cannondale because I wanted to give their bikes one more chance before writing off aluminum bikes. I believe it is how the bike rides that makes the difference in the rides opionion. I owned a raleigh and it never rode like this cannondale.

Just my 2 cents.

Not just Cannondale -- Trek also....Niwot
Jul 1, 2002 10:21 AM
Trek's "retail price" for a new 5500 or 5900, complete bike with Dura-Ace, is typically about $2200 more than the price of the frame and fork alone. That means you are paying $2200 for a Dura-Ace kit (including Trek's house-brand Bontrager wheels, for which they effectively charge more than you'd pay for a set of the best Mavic Ksyrium wheels).

If you order the frame and fork alone and buy a Dura-Ace kit from a catalog company like Colorado Cyclist or Supergo, even if you pay a local mechanic $200 to assemble your bike, you would save hundreds over the dealer's price for a complete Trek 5500 or 5900.

Of course, it's that time of year again, when Trek's most famous rider will be kicking a$$ in France, so those bikes will probably be selling like hotcakes no matter how much they charge. Whatever they pay Armstrong in salary and endorsements, they're getting a bargain.
Cannondale is a Driver in the bike market...biknben
Jul 1, 2002 10:28 AM
While many companies copy what others are doing and present it as their own, C'dale dares to stand apart. They continually ignore what everyone else is doing and pump out innovative designs. It's most noticeable with their MT bikes. They've got some funky looking designs out there. You know what? They do exactly what they are designed to do. You want a XC full-suspension racer that is as fast as your hard-tail? Here's your Scalpel, sir. You want an all-mountain fun machine? Here's your Jekyl, sir. How bout a no holds barred huckin rig? How bout a Gemini.

Many think the manufacturers are pushing the limit on aluminum technology and you typically hear, "At what point will durability be compromised". While other manufacturers are decreasing their warrantees, C'dale still stands behind their stuff as long as you own it.

You pay for the R&D that is being done. C'dale doesn't stop at the frame and call it a day. They are pushing the limits of every aspect of the bike. They don't like the BB/Crank interface...they'll make their own. MTB front suspension is lacking...they'll make they're own for that too. No one else bothers to spend the money to do those types of things. Others just glue on carbon seat stays and think they're innovative. I disagree.

It is reasons like this that make me happy to ride a C'dale. You can get a high zoot ti or Italian frame for a few grand. My reality doesn't allow that. I'll race along side you on my $800 C'dale frame with just as much confidence.
re: Why Cannondale?? why???raboboy
Jul 1, 2002 11:36 AM
Your LBS may have something to do with that, too. I only paid $1050 for my Caad 4 Tiagra bike (though it was end of season.. Sept.). And they are higher than some other mfgrs, but I like their company and their technology.
re: Why Cannondale?? why???PeteWorc
Jul 1, 2002 4:50 PM
I got the 2002 900SI with 105/ultegra for a decent price. Compared to Trek and Klein the difference was both of their models for about the same price came with full ultegra. It's nice to know I got a frame that only a few years ago was being used by pro racers in Europe. But mostly it fits.