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Euro National Champs. Question(4 posts)

Euro National Champs. QuestionI_See_Fred_People
Jul 1, 2002 6:03 AM
Was curious as to how the various Nat. Champ races went down in each country. For example Hondo wins the German Champ yesterday, with Zabel taking 3rd. With so many of these guys on the same teams, are team tactics out the window in these races? Who works for who? I know that in our National Champ (USPRO) that USPS basically worked for Hincapie, although he didnt get the title. And of course Domo worked for their lone American as well, although he dnf'd.

No, same team tacticsWayne
Jul 1, 2002 6:10 AM
just like here, you ride for your trade team at the National Champs. Now if your the only guy from your country (or one a few) on your trade team, then I guess you got a problem (the US champs are the only one that allows foriegn riders to enter).
Jul 1, 2002 6:24 AM
..So i guess Telekom was riding for Hondo instead of Zabel, knowing the reverse was going to be true for the next three weeks. Of course JU wasn't racing. Looking at the results again, looks like Hondo was in a break with one other guy, and Zabel won the bunch sprint a minute later.
Dutch National ChampsStampertje
Jul 1, 2002 7:27 AM
Rabo had the advantage with 18 riders in the pack, and screwed up completely. They were counting on Steven de Jongh in a mass sprint but were surprised by Stefan van Dijk (1, Lotto), Rudi Kemna (2, Bankgiroloterij) and Max van Heeswijk (3, Domo). Van Dijk had only two teammates with him but an excellent lead out guy in Aart Vierhouten.

I did not see the race but from the reports I gather that most riders were surprised that Rabobank did not try to toughen up the race, even ordering riders to sit on in breaks so they could play their sprinter in the final.

A similar thing happened last year when Jans Koerts (then Mercury) won despite Rabo's numerical advantage.
1. Van Dijk (Lotto)
2. Kemna (Bankgirolotery)
3. Van Heeswijk (Domo)
4. De Jongh (Rabobank)
5. Martin van Steen (No contract)