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Any road rides in Big Bear, CA?(5 posts)

Any road rides in Big Bear, CA?cholla
Jun 30, 2002 6:19 PM
I will be spending the weekend in Big Bear, California next weekend. I am considering bringing my road bike to get in a road ride on Saturday morning. The only info I was able to find on the web regarding possible routes was the name of a local mtb shop. I called them to ask about road rides, and the best info I got was that some of the shop employees apparently ride their road bikes out Route 18 toward Lake Arrowhead, and return the same way. Any info on what that road might be like? He also said that I could ride the road around Big Bear Lake (15-20 miles?), but that it gets pretty busy. Any suggestions for other routes, or whether there is any reasonably safe road riding in the area? If it matters, I like climbing, as long as I get to come back down, too! Thanks in advance.
re: Any road rides in Big Bear, CA?mickey-mac
Jun 30, 2002 8:21 PM
Road riding at Big Bear isn't great. You're probably better off bringing a mountain bike or renting one at Snow Summit and riding the trails. If you do decide to ride on the road, the loop around the lake is all right. However, it does get busy in the summer and there are some blind curves that are a little hairy.
There sure areDMoore
Jun 30, 2002 9:22 PM
There are a few choices. You can ride around the lake - the south shore has heavy traffic, the north shore has much less. The ride from the dam to Big Bear City on the north shore is really quite nice, it was part of the "Ride Around the Bear" a month ago. That's a century ride that starts in Redlands, goes up to Big Bear, and back down.

Another local road ride is to go from Big Bear out highway 38 to Onyx Summit. It's only about 8 miles or so each way, but it's a very steady climb to 8442' at the summit, about 2000' from lake level. The road is lightly travelled, so traffic isn't an issue.

The previously mentioned ride to Running Springs, or even to Lake Arrowhead on Highway 18, is another possibility. From Big Bear you ride to the dam on a narrow, busy, winding road. Once you get to the dam (only a couple of miles) you hit the Arctic Circle, which is wide, twisty and rolling until just above Snow Valley ski area. After the passing lane at Snow Valley the road narrows again, but the "13 curves" from Snow Valley to Arrowbear are a major kick in the butt! It's downhill hairpins, and if traffic permits (you'll be faster than the cars) you can FLY!

Running Springs to Arrowhead on the Rim of the World route is also a great ride, with a terrific view IF it's not smoggy. The drop down to Arrowhead is a kick - take Kuffel Canyon. Have a bite at Arrowhead Village, and then head back.

The final option is to ride out the back side of Highway 18 from Big Bear down to Lucerne Valley. If you do that ride, you're a better man than I! It's steep, narrow, long and nasty. But if you want a challenge...

Enjoy the weekend!

I used to live in Big Bear - taught skiing there - and I thought it was a great place to be a roadie. You're above the smog, and the hills are great.
There sure arecholla
Jun 30, 2002 10:21 PM
Thanks very much for your very informative response. Are there any regular group rides in the area?
Don't knowDMoore
Jul 1, 2002 6:24 AM
I'm afraid I've lost touch with the BB scene. Try contacting They're the big local MTB race promoters, but they might know about any local road rides as well.