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A quick retort to the "fit" rant of a few days ago...(11 posts)

A quick retort to the "fit" rant of a few days ago...Djudd
Jun 30, 2002 8:02 AM
I am sorry to post so late after the fact. However as a a confirmed fit fanatic I must answer Doug's fit post of 6/26.
Let me establish that I am crazy about fit and position. My routine on a ride of 80 miles or more is to ride for abotu an hour, at the beginning, then stop and raise or lower the seat (or not) causing a reaction with the bars and/or stem fit (or not). These are adjustments not wholesale changes. I wholly believe that our bodies and thier capabilities change with every ride, thus, we need to adjust our machines to compensate.
Some rides no adjustments are necessary. Other rides everything is up for grabs (so to speak). To me riding is a dynamic experience between (wo)man and machine. These dynamics change and one of the great pleasures of riding is to be able to make a change on the fly.
"Let me establish that I am crazy "-nmfiltersweep
Jun 30, 2002 9:24 AM
Jun 30, 2002 10:50 AM
On the other hand, I'll set mine and leave it there for a year or more.

Maybe you need an electric seatpost sort of like car seats have. A memory would be even better. The "Power Post." You heard it here first, folks. :-)

re: A quick retort to the "fit" rant of a few days ago...rollo tommassi
Jun 30, 2002 10:56 AM
I don't believe Djudd is crazy; I've not read the entire 'fit thread', as I could see that this thread was causing 'Fits'.

I think he speaks quite eloquently about dynamics here

we must turn to Brian of Nazareth for words of wisdom: "You must all think for yourselves" (to which the masses respond, in unison, 'yes, we must think for ourselves...')

ergonomically speaking, both the machine and the mammal must conform to the other for the expedience of both; the machine for efficiency and the mammal for comfort. Neither party is a static system, but the mammal is more likely to change over time (flexibility, growth, age)

Frequency of changes is entirely up to the rider; on one hand you have the Merckx mentality. Most noticable is a change in the stack height of pro riders' stem shims over the course of the season. Some start the season in March with 3-4 shims, but by the time you get to July there may only be one shim left. There are many factors in this, some are simple adjustments according to the demands of the racing, some are concessions to the change in the riders' body over time.

Oh, btw, Djudd, I'm about 24hrs away from launching my Belgian vacation site....there is something there just for you ;)!!!
thank you, can't wait for the Belgian pics nmDjudd
Jun 30, 2002 1:17 PM
well said Djudd...harlett
Jun 30, 2002 12:46 PM
you make a valuable point Djudd-- i too made small adjustments according to what my body was telling me each ride (think speedplays as an example of small adjustments to what your muscles are telling you)-- having a focus on the interaction of body reaction, muscle productivity and mental concentration as it "fits" to the bike on a particular day was just as important to me as the original "fitting of the bike" and an extension and part of the thought that went into the original fit-- i always tried to achieve a synergy that made my performance on long rides the best it could be--
we are talking about one of those subtle understandings that have wider implications here-- achieving a mental and physical balance helps us in whatever we do, especially when working with a tool such as a bicycle-- by concentrating on those little interactions we make ourselves aware of what our bodies are really telling us, allowing us to use our bodies in a much more productive way-- we can only benefit by appreciating and understanding the complexity of all our interactions--
as an extension of this thinking....running taught me to visualize and feel my muscles as they passed off the work.. putting me into my body in such a way as to allow me to focus on that moment-- a lesson that also provides benefits when fatigued or when you need to take your mind off a negative distraction--

lauren i have one of those complicated life-journey issues that needs my full attention i won't be posting for wishes for a wonderful summer of riding for all of you and a wonderful summer of getting acquainted with new life for our new father and our mother to be for the second time--

life is a verb.........
well said Harlett!Fredrico
Jul 1, 2002 10:26 AM
Life is a verb, and cycling one of its highest manifestations! That's what makes passionate riders, and what quickens the pulse of bystanders who watch the rare cyclist, in pefect harmony of form, pedaling rapidly, smoothly, in perfect rhythms, as if effortless, a bird in flight. Being conscious of this interaction of mind and body is seldom articulated, but always felt. Perhaps it resides in the part of our brains that relates to music rather than intellect.
other suggested adjustments during your rideET
Jun 30, 2002 7:06 PM
1. keep changing your tire pressure depending on the terrain (here's one instance where a frame pump is clearly superior to CO2 cartridges)

2. use only the infinitely adjustable Ergostem and adjust it infinitely during your ride as needed (I hear it sometimes does that whether you want it to or not :-))

The above are just adjustments, not wholesale changes. If the latter are also permitted, include

3. more padded gloves for descents, less padded gloves for climbs

4. swap seats as the miles increase or as the tush demands

5. swap between Speedplay (when you feel you need more float) and Looks (when you need less) and those brutal XPDs (for all-out sprints)

5. swap between Campy gearshifts for climbs, Shimano for everything else

By now, it's getting hard fitting everything into that seat pack. If good friend follows you in van,

6. swap out wheelsets, forks, even bikes as needed. Make your riding a truly enjoyable and comfortable experience.

:-) :-)
other suggested adjustments during your ridebic
Jun 30, 2002 7:49 PM
Oh, and just as the pros. Let your personal sag replace your bike before evey climb and just before every descent!!
light wheels for for descents and flats? (nm)ColnagoFE
Jul 1, 2002 7:58 AM
Once I get comfortable I rarely to never reset my position (nm)ColnagoFE
Jul 1, 2002 7:56 AM