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Boston- Minuteman Bikepath- 29 June 7:30PM(2 posts)

Boston- Minuteman Bikepath- 29 June 7:30PMSchmitt
Jun 29, 2002 7:10 PM
True Story.

Went out on a 60 mile ride from Winchester/Arlington area out towards Carlisle. Didn't eat enough during the day an was feeling slow on the return. I was on the Minuteman bikepath when I heard this big racket behind me....

...look over the shoulder and there is this guy on a 20 year old Panasonic bike with track handlebars, platform pedals, and a rear fender.

I am going about 21MPH and this guy rips by me, 23-24MPH. I grab his wheel and decide I am going to burn what is left in the tank trying to find out if this guy was out for a 5 mile ride or if he was certifiably insane.

I follow, weaving through fairly light rollerblader/jogger/walker/MTB traffic. After we cross a street and there is a long uninterrupted path I hit the gas and punch it up to 30MPH.

I drop Panasonic-Man and pass another guy on an old Peugeot. He grabs MY wheel and starts chasing ME. I continue burning what is left in the tank, and sit up where I need to exit the path. I'm feeling kind of cheap because I couldn't give Mr. Panasonic and Mr. Peugeot a fair shot at a chase (only gave them 2 miles). Mr. Peogeot kindly asks "Do you mind if I draft?". I say no, but I'm slowing down because I need to exit. I tell him why I am hammering, and warn him about the impeding approach of Panasonic man, who right at that moment comes rattling alongside.

I ride a Trek 5200, great bike. I used to ride a piece of garbage. I say- "Guess this is proof that good riders don't need fancy equipment". I could see Panasonic man was pleased.

I turned off, and my last glance had Mr. Peugeot out of the saddle chasing Mr. Panasonic. I wonder how it turned out.


If either of you guys are here, hats off to you!
re: Boston- Minuteman Bikepath- 29 June 7:30PMrollo tommassi
Jun 30, 2002 10:44 AM
That's a great story - sport in its purest form, showing that the best drama is the simplest: ability, motivation, assumption, antagonism. All the 'characters' here have these qualities, the outcome a convergence of these elements.

If you see one of these guys again, ask them how it ended up, I'm dying to know the final chapter!!