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Can't wait for frame.... What should I do?(4 posts)

Can't wait for frame.... What should I do?HBPat
Jun 29, 2002 8:45 AM
I ordered a frame about two months ago after I crashed and ruined my last one. But every time I call and ask about the frame they say "It should ship out early next week". I'm going to miss my whole summer at this rate. I'm thinking about just going to a shop and buying a new bike. But then I'll be stuck with a frame. So I got a quick question

If I ride a bike for a few weeks and then strip off all the parts what kind of a price could I get for the frame (let's use the Bianchi Alloro as an example), or should I just get rid of the new frame when it arrives (that one cost me around $1200). My last option is to buy a bike and get rid of the whole bike after a few weeks (I am thinking about the Bianchi again), is that even reasonable. I don't want to loose too much money in this deal but I need to get on a bike soon.
re: Can't wait for frame.... What should I do?Juanmoretime
Jun 29, 2002 9:15 AM
Look to Supergo and one of their close out frames then sell it when you do get your frame.You might loss a little cash but that's better than not riding the whole summer. LoL.
re: Can't wait for frame.... What should I do?grandemamou
Jun 29, 2002 9:59 AM
Used bikes/frames aren't worth a whole lot. What about checking at LBS for a used bike. Decent used bikes can be found for a few hundred dollars.
cancel the order...C-40
Jun 29, 2002 10:27 AM
My rule has always been to buy something in stock, unless it was a second bike that I could stand to wait for. With dozens of mailorder sites, there's seldom a reason to order and wait. Just go somewhere else.

Unless you paid in advance, I'd cancel the order.

Otherwise, a cheap temporary frame might be an alternative. Nashbar has frames for about $150 as I remember.