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machine that performs as well as bikes costing twice as much(4 posts)

machine that performs as well as bikes costing twice as muchOK-larry
Jun 29, 2002 4:57 AM
This is the magazines quote and after reading the Bicycling review on the Motobecane le Champion team about 6 times - I find their hidden message to be that this bike is worth $3000 and is an insane buy. However, after posting here about it all I got was a bunch of instant Spam from colorado cyclist and GVH. Bicycling does state that the frame builder (Kinesis welds for a variety of big-name bike companies). Does anyone know which other bike companies use Kinesis made frames. I am not sure it matters - since bicycling seems to love the frame - but it is interesting. My only other question is wheels - the Motobecane has DuraAce hubs - but my local bike shop that sells Trek is telling me DuraAce hubs are not as good as the hubs on the Trek - which say Bontrigger? - I think. Is that a valid point? Or a salespitch? Anyway, I have to drive to Dallas to see and test this Motobecane - so any other comments (other tham mail order spam) would be appreciated - thanks
Lots of skepticism about.Spoke Wrench
Jun 29, 2002 5:56 AM
I think that you're not getting much information because so few people have actually seen, much less ridden, the bike. That is actually an indication that this is a pretty honest forum.

The claims made regarding this bike seem too good to be true. My past experience has taught me such claims usually turn out to be exaggerated. The bicycle business doesn't look to me to be very profitable today at any level. That being the case, any manufacturer blowing away the existing pricing structure over the long term seems pretty iffy to me.

So where could they have saved? Can't be big manufacturing savings because they don't manufacture the bikes themselves. I don't think it's components because you can only save just so much on bottom brackets, headsets, handlebars and the like. Marketing and distribution? Maybe. Who knows?
i'll bite....Jekyll
Jun 29, 2002 6:05 AM
1. Dura Ace hubs are a very, very good and reliable piece of equipment. What I would worry about there are the rims and the build quality of the wheels (surely machine built).
2. Why not believe comments of people with experience and no advertising dollars form BikesDirect (such as the toilet paper known as "Bicycling" magazine?). If someone made suggestions for Douglas (CC house brand) or stuff from GVH its probably not because they got paid to do so (like the afore mentioned Bicycling rag). Either way, a CAAD5 with full DA and better other parts (stem, bars, etc) from GVH for around $1800 is, to me, a far more interesting deal then a bike from a company (some guy who has the rights to the storied name and has it slapped on a frame) who's marketing policy is based on trying to fool people into believing its bikes are the old French marque and a belief in advertising by spamming on-line forums. Just my .02....
exaggerated claims...C-40
Jun 29, 2002 11:04 AM
Here's my take on this bike.

The bike has a full DA component group, but the remainder of the components are CHEAP. This includes the rims, spokes, tires, saddle, seatpost, stem and bars.

The DA group is worth about $950. The rest of the components aren't worth over $150 (compared to $350 for good stuff). That leaves about $650 for the frame and fork. That's not a bad price, but nothing out of this world.

The bike's probably worth $1750, but when you spend that much, it's smarter to spend a little more and get good components that you won't toss soon.

I would be very leary of that seatpost. The picture shows a "straight-up" model which has no setback. Unless the seat tube angle is least 1.5 degrees less than the average road bike, your first replacement part may be a new seatpost, to get enough setback to place the knee in the correct position relative to the pedal spindle. The motobecane web site does not even list the geometry of this bike. I wouldn't buy a bike if I wasn't 100% certain that it fit.