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Any good road-riding on Long Island, NY?(3 posts)

Any good road-riding on Long Island, NY?hycobob
Jun 28, 2002 4:23 PM
I may be going to West Islip to see my wife's family in July and need to know if its worth bringing my road bike. I'm used to long flat and windy rides here south of Houston...Texas, not SOHO. It seems like alot of trouble to take my mountain bike there without other riders I know. But, any info on LBS or club rides that cater to long (40-80mile) Sat/Sun morning rides would be greatly appreciated.
re: Any good road-riding on Long Island, NY?Pecos
Jun 29, 2002 11:13 AM
You may want to check with this club. There are plenty of great miles to be done on LI. The north shore is hilly and tree lined. The south shore is flat and beach like. There are lots of clubs and organized events to look into during the time you will be there. I went to college there and lived there for a few years after. My sister lives there with her family.

My fiance and I are going out there tomorrow morning to do the Mansion Ride. We live in NYC. The ride is a 62 mile scenic tour of the great mansions on the north shore of LI. They call the north shore the Gold Coast. Lots of old money and huge homes of well know people like the Doubledays, Whitneys and others. Hey, if you would like you can contact me when you are here and I'll make a trip out to do a ride with you. Mean while check the site below for some info and maybe a search will turn up some more.
Jun 29, 2002 12:42 PM
It's definitely worth it to bring your bike. Traffic stinks, but most clubs go our early enough to avoid the worst of it. The north shore is hilly and the southshore is flat. On the East End, you can pick up long, flat out-and-backs. Most clubs do large loops that touch on both shores for variety. Check out Massapequa Park, Huntington and Suffolk County Bicycle Clubs. From West Islip, your best best is SCBC. The best shop near where you'll be staying, IMHO, is Carl Hart Bicycles in Middle Island. Fred will set you up.