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Is it the Cleat or the Pedal?(7 posts)

Is it the Cleat or the Pedal?mbologna
Jun 28, 2002 12:55 PM
I use Look pedals with red cleats. Lately, I've been noticing a squeak. How can I tell if it is the cleat, the shoe or the pedal? (All are less than 3 months old, with only about 500 miles of use.) Any suggestions on how to eliminate it? The people in my club are not going to be too amused listening to the squeak for 3 hours on tomorrow's ride! Thanks!
re: Is it the Cleat or the Pedal?ColnagoFE
Jun 28, 2002 1:49 PM
clean both the cleat and pedals well and lube em with a coupla drops of white litening.
re: Is it the Cleat or the Pedal?funknuggets
Jun 28, 2002 1:49 PM
It may be a misguided bolt hole. Pull out each bolt and examine the threads. The friction from the read cleat is likely causing the threads to expand, therefore ultimately loosening the cleat on that side. Try loctite and then slap about 4 oz of grease on the cleat and pedal. Then you may even try backing the tension screw all the way out and then putting it back in with some loctite.

Of course, I am kidding. I do not think that there is any increased squeak factor with the red cleats. I would think that it may be the cleat and the pedal. Spray some tri-flow or wd-40 on the pedal and you will likely be just fine.
re: Is it the Cleat or the Pedal?Ian
Jun 28, 2002 1:52 PM
The squeak is generally caused by the plastic cleat rubbing against the plastic piece on the pedal that grabs the cleat and causes you to be "clipped in". As the other post said, keep it clean and lightly lubed.

re: Is it the Cleat or the Pedal?Hap
Jun 28, 2002 1:58 PM
It could be either but my guess would be the cleat. Look cleats have a wear indicator at each of the three corners. As the cleats wear, they begin to squeek. My experience has been that they wear out a lot faster than I am willing to replace them. A little lube now and then usually does the trick. Just be sure to stay off the carpets after a ride. ;)

It could be either.unchained
Jun 28, 2002 2:11 PM
But with that kind of milage it is probably the cleat alone.

Check to see the the cleat bolts are still tight.

Clean the black build-up off the cleat with a mild solvent, then use a nail file, emory board or sim. to lightly sand the uneveness and imperfections from the cleat surface. This should cure the squeak.

The black build-up on the pedal can be removed with metal polish followed up with some citrus cleaner.

If you encounter the problem during a ride a splash of water is often a temporary cure, as is rubbing the cleat in grass.

Over time the surface of the pedal will wear which will eventually cause the cleats to wear much faster. Its a good thing that the pedals and cleats are avail. for less than 1/2 the US retail on eBay and the net.
re: Is it the Cleat or the Pedal?Ironbutt
Jun 28, 2002 3:20 PM
It could be either the cleat, the pedal, or the sole of the shoe. Spraying with lubricant usually will make the squeak go away, but the first time you touch the ground the lube will attract and hold grit which could make the float kind of stiff. I have found that rubbing the cleat and the surrounding area of the sole of the shoe with a candle will eleminate the squeak and make the float almost totally free without attracting road grit. I also shave off that little black "walking bumper" in the center of the cleat. It makes the float more free and makes entry for small, light riders easier.