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to all the bikes i've loved before (your weekly haiku dose)(3 posts)

to all the bikes i've loved before (your weekly haiku dose)JS Haiku Shop
Jun 28, 2002 11:42 AM
rigid specialized
MTB, shifted in snow
and hub-deep water

you will be missed, friend
though you were a pig, at best
entry level steed

bought with money saved
instead of spent on cartons
of "light" coffin nails

too-small cannondale
bought on mtbr site
classified: for sale

not too bad a deal
though numb unmentionables
small frame, poor setup

didn't ride it much
mostly mtb that year
lucky, was i tho-

then didn't know, i:
carry tube, patch kit, and pump
walked once very far

meet gary fisher
or at least his name on bike
and sell specialized

ebay, my dear friend
from the first days, you were there
helping me upgrade

most bike purchases
seventy percent or more
(auction return rate)

I love bidding wars
people will buy anything
and pay big money

though good seller, I
always honest, trustworthy
exact description

secret: good pictures
thorough with your words and deeds
follow-through feedback

no intend upgrade
'twas mistake for me to be
in local bike shop

"we'll make you square deal!"
the dreaded mating call of...
those on commission

red and cream road bike
yes, it was far too large, but
already built-up

better, didn't know
to bike shop my check did go
oh, and off I rode

that fall: the weight loss!
and winter, gym discovered
more weight loss ensued

spring sprung, with bike lust
GVH, a friend in deed
came to the rescue

of gary fisher?
put his soul patch on ebay
reinvest the funds

downgrade mountain bike
didn't ride it much lately
bought 'nother road bike

triple helped on hills
out of town, i ventured forth
found humility

...somewhere in-between...
yard sales and friends' garages
many bikes were found

cables, housing, tires,
tubes, rim tape, and h-bar wrap
elbow grease, and pledge...

to ebay, minions!
cannondales, and 'talian steel
...dave scott ironman...

more have gone that way
including some with regret
(happy am i now)

last year big b-day
brought surly to my surprise
winter: found cadence

freewheeling: finite
as this winter, surely find
steamroller is *fixed*

...later came Eddy
and, with Merckx, light of day shone
there's no going back

first real steel (it's real)
lugs the color of true love
and snow white, all else

now, like bats in cave
they hang, silent, potential--
waiting for mileage

the quality curse
Merckx: "bet you can't eat just one"
soon, Alu enhance

stable wax and wane
but things will stay much the same:
rotating wheel love

next conquest, wonder?
P2K looks mighty nice
(it comes at a price!)

and, all considered,
enjoy single-speed pleasure
and smooth Eddy Merckx

finally, answer
what's best? is it Shimano...
or Campagnolo?

say i: both, merit.
though it feels ever so wrong:
Campy in the rain

not lacking pleasure,
but, detract experience
don't like Campy soiled.

keep clean, must j-ku
shine on Chorus is too nice
(Shimano rain bike)
what about haiku for hubs?Spirito
Jun 28, 2002 12:40 PM
the merckx build is about to begin.....been waiting for these for a long time. i always start at the wheels - kinda like bike build foreplay :-)

when its done im sure ill be

a) flamed for showing off ad nauseum


b) dissavowed and criticized for mixing old with new

but my ideal is almost there.

now where did i leave that spoke key . . . . . .

oh my....loop
Jun 28, 2002 12:48 PM