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worse crash ever?(8 posts)

worse crash ever?JackDanielsFSU
Jun 28, 2002 11:37 AM
Related to the pole below what is your worse crash ever?

Mine is when I was down in Tn riding the loop in the smokie mountians. My brother was in front of me and we were headign down a hill going around 45mph. I hit his back wheel and for some reason I locked up the breaks. I went over the bars landed on my wrist, fliped over and landed on my back, kept rolling threw a barbed wire fence into some poison ivy! Ended up with a broken rist, pulled disc in my back, 3 brused ribs, and poison ivy under my cast (i think that was the worse out of it all)!!!! I ended up having to ride my bike all the way back to the car and drove myself to the hospt (brother was too young to drive at the time). Can anyone beat that for a crash?
skin graftniteschaos
Jun 28, 2002 11:53 AM
Trying to set a speed record on a decent around my house. Standing on the pedals in top gear when the chain broke. Sent me so fast into the pavement that I didn't have time to take my hands off the brake hoods. Had to get skin graft on my left knee and elbow. I about ground my kneecap off. All I remember was pedaling really hard and then skidding/bouncing down the hill on the pavement.
but you win of course, just trying to make you feel better.niteschaos
Jun 28, 2002 11:54 AM
re: worse crash ever?SnowBlind
Jun 28, 2002 12:22 PM
mate of mine went down on fresh pavement, so got asphalt and sand ground into the major road rash. He also tore away the flesh around elbow down to the bone and then rasped away about 1/4 inch of bone as well.
First funny bit was the male nurse, a Veit Nam coreman, was shocked by how much pain Jim could stand as he clean the wound an plucked chunks of gravel and shreads of Castelli jersey out of his wounds. He commented that most "bikers", meaning Harley riders, and quite a few Marines had demanded pain killers by now.
Second funny bit was in later the dock pokes his head in and asks him if he has had anything to eat in the last four hours. When the doc leaves I told him "You're in for it now."
"Why?! Why did he ask me if I had anything to eat?" - he asked nervously."
"They are going to put you under the knife man, GA time." - I said, grinning impishly. He is not fond of needles.
Amazingly, after losing a unit of blood already, shocky, and being a very pale Aussie, he managed to blanch even whiter.
He came out fine in the end, and with a nurses phone number...
re: worse crash ever?No_sprint
Jun 28, 2002 12:47 PM
I can't beat ya but a teammate of mine went down, broke his orbital, punctured his lung, broke his collarbone, wrist, and a host of other things. He was unconscious for some time and spent some time in the ICU. He had raced maybe 3 early year crits and is out all season, guaranteed.

This next one surely beats ya and gets the prize. I don't do track but many on my team do and know this person very well.

Saturday (5/25/2002) night during a Keirin heat at the Encino Velodrome, Wayne Rutledge was involved in a very serious crash, Those of us that were there and saw it know it was very severe. He has been and continues to be at the time that I write this still unconscious. He went thru about 4 hours of brain surgery this evening to relieve swelling on his brain and hemorrhaging. He looks as though someone tried to kill him with a baseball bat. His face is completely swollen from the impact, his right eye is swollen closed and he has severe hematomas on his face. The doctors do not know at this time what is broken in his face because obviously they are concerned more with his brain. The good news is that they did stop the brain hemorrhage and relieved the swelling considerably. He has feeling in all of his extremities and there doesn't seem to be any kind of paralysis. He is far from being out of danger and his condition is very critical. He will get another CT scan in the morning and his brain is being monitored around the clock for signs of swelling/hemorrhaging. We will keep everyone posted on his progress. He and his family could use your prayers

(Information provided by Wayne's friend and training partner, Dave Hansen)
Nothing as bad as yours...Slowclimber
Jun 28, 2002 12:58 PM
I've been lucky enough to avoid a hard crash on the road. I was hit by a car but was uninjured other than needing a new pair of gloves.

My worst crash's have happened on the mountain bike. Here is a discription of what happened on two of them.

The first crash took place during an XC race. About a mile into the race I was in 2nd place. We had to cross a 2.5 foot wide concrete bridge then make a 90 degree right hand turn onto a foot or so wide single track. I made it across the bridge just fine, made the turn but kept going. I fell into a 6 foot ditch, slamed my leg into jagged sandstone and put a 2" gash onto my forearm (still have a nice scar). I finished the race with a baseball sized knot on my thigh, which later turned into a bruise that went from my butt to almost my knee. It took a week before I could walk normal again. I did however finish the race in 5th place and had the bridge named after me which was a nice consolation prize.

The second bad crash was at a mountain bike gathering in Bend, OR last year. On the first ride about 300 feet onto the first trail we hit a small jump in the trail. I'm guessing I was too far forward on the bike when I hit the jump. The rear end compressed and then acted like a sling shot as I went over the bars. I landed on my shoulder, slid for 10-15 feet or so and ended up with a grade 2 seperation of the AC joint in my shoulder.

I've had several other fun encounters with trees as well(mostly in races) that have left me with huge bruises and limping for a week or so.

Thankfully, no broken bones or serious loss of skin so far. My wife worries every time I go out for a ride though.
I'm happy to report mine wasn't as badTig
Jun 28, 2002 3:13 PM
The afternoon of September 19, 1987 (funny how certain dates never leave you!) I was hit broadside by a car turning left into me while I crossed the intersection. I don't remember anything that happened that day, so had to get a police report to find out later.

The girl driving was a pharmacy student in a Firebird that left some blue paint on my Cannondale said she didn't see me. She didn't even get a ticket. She didn't report it to her insurance company, but I sure as hell did! I had to use a lawyer to negotiate with the insurance company, but I wasn't out for blood. I just wanted to replace my bike.

20 stitches over the left eye, severe concussion (the last time I ever rode without a helmet!), a right thumb fracture requiring a pin, a left distal tibia fracture requiring a long screw, and a 3" x 10" gravel infected scrape on the left calf. A week in the hospital with 2 surgeries was all it took to get home.

I rode 6 weeks later with the pin still sticking out of my thumb, just to "get back on the horse". I was so motivated to stay healthy and away from the hospital, I became a much more serious rider. The bug was in me deep and I loved racing. I managed to win the biggest riding victory of my life in 1990 by winning the state track points race. I think it was a psychological victory and not a sports one.
My spectacular 42mph. crash. Don't let this happen to you.High Gear
Jun 30, 2002 7:13 AM
We were riding in the hills and had I had just crested a long hill. I waited for the rest of the guys to regroup. The other side was on the steep side and recently chip-sealed. I got up to speed and went into the drops to just coast. I was in front position when one of the heavier riders blasted past clipping my bars then the two behind not having time to swerve at that speed road over me. All I remember thinking was a red flash (his jersey) and the felling of being in a clothes dryer. When I came to a stop my shorts had been 75% torn off, my glover shreaded along with the sides of my shoes. I suffered deep abrasions to my knees, elbows, hips and wrist. I had lesser abrasions on my shoulders and butt cheeks. Word to the wise. Stay at a good safe distance apart from other riders on fast descents, there in no reason to draft going downhill. Lots can happen to the person in front and you will have no place to go other than up and over.