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Carbon fork tire clearance(1 post)

Carbon fork tire clearancexcandrew
Jun 27, 2002 11:33 PM
I have my eye on a frame that looks very good for me except that it has a 1 1/8" head tube. I would just put a nice steel fork on it if it had a 1" head tube, but I would probably go for a carbon fork in this case to avoid the oversized steel steerer.

I like would want the ability to fit wider tires for versitility since I have always liked taking my road bike off road for parts of my rides. So, a question for those of you with currently available carbon forks: What is the maximum tire size (actual width) that you have managed to fit on your fork if you have tried larger tires? This information seems to be hard to come by, though you would think that that would be one of the main things to say about a fork in it's specifications. The manufacturer's web sites are not clear about this. The Reynold Composites site does says that the tire clearance on the Ouzo Pro is 347 mm, so if a 30 mm section tire has a diameter of about 343 mm, it MIGHT fit depending on how wide it is at the top end of the fork. Anyone have any actual experience using wider tires with this or any other carbon fork? The frame I am looking at can handle "as wide a tire as the calipers can take" or about 30 mm for Shimano and Campagnolo short reach brakes. I would like a fork that can take a 30 mm tire (or at least 28 mm) to match that.