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Seat Post diameter constant?(3 posts)

Seat Post diameter constant?t-bill
Jun 27, 2002 10:43 AM
I have an American Classic 27.2 seatpost in a Cinelli Supercorsa. Lately I've had a lot of trouble getting the seatpost to stay where it belongs. About a half an hour into every ride it starts to slide down. I though it was just that I coudn't get the binder bolt tight enough (it's a unusual three-piece bolt). But then when I removed the post to try to get a homemade shim in there I noticed that while re-inserting the post it seems to have been harder/easier to slide at certain points. In other words it seemed as though the bottom half of the post had a larger circumference than the top half. Could this be possible? Is it just too worn at the usual binder spot and in need of replacement?


Seatposts should be cylinders...Crankist
Jun 27, 2002 12:01 PM
...look elsewhere to solve your problem, such as an oversized or out of round seat tube.
re: Seat Post diameter constant?brider
Jun 27, 2002 12:17 PM
As stated by Crankist, there may be a problem with the seat tube on the frame. Or maybe the seat post isn't perfectly straight (even if it does have a uniform diameter).