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Anyone know about this company?(11 posts)

Anyone know about this company?kid4lyf
Jun 27, 2002 7:08 AM
I was looking at a frame made by the company Asso (no, it isn't the clothing company) The headbadge looks familliar but I can't place it.
Any input would be appreciated.
re: Anyone know about this company?grandemamou
Jun 27, 2002 7:13 AM
The logo looks like the Quatro Assi logo. I don't know if it's the same though.
looks like a knockoff on the colnago logo (nm)ColnagoFE
Jun 27, 2002 7:16 AM
Quattro Assi....(nm)BIGBOB
Jun 27, 2002 7:56 AM
Quattro Assi....(nm)amflyer
Jun 27, 2002 10:11 AM
FWIW, "Quattro Assi" means Four Aces in I.T.
I see said the blind mantronracer
Jun 27, 2002 10:49 AM
How do you say royal straight flush?
Why do they all use card logos...tronracer
Jun 27, 2002 8:31 AM
de rosa=hearts
this one=spades
who makes a diamond shaped logo? Diamond back?
Why do they all use card logos...Fredrico
Jun 27, 2002 8:44 AM
I've often wondered about that myself. Maybe it's because bike races are like card games, gambling on road conditions, the riders' states of fitness, how well the equipment is working, the weather, all the random events along the route. Also, riders play poker with each other, bluffing, devising strategies, just like in a card game.

My dream is to have a bike for each suit in the deck. Did Pinarello have a diamond shaped logo, or am I remembering wrong?

From ebay, Pinarello head tube badge...tronracer
Jun 27, 2002 9:01 AM
Good explanation, you're probably right. Not about the Pinarello though, at least not in this pic...

could it be a Basso?jaybird
Jun 27, 2002 9:23 AM
re: Anyone know about this company?CT1 Guy
Jun 27, 2002 11:05 AM
I believe that Colnago uses an Ace of Clubs as its something to do with heraldry and the clubs is the symbol from the region in Italy - I seem to remember it having to do with Milan and his first race having been one there. I can't explain the DeRosa heart though.