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Should I get a dish for the Tour?(7 posts)

Should I get a dish for the Tour?fixedgearnut
Jun 27, 2002 4:10 AM
Once again, as I have for the last three years (I have Time Warner cable), I'm debating about whether to purchase a dish to watch OLN's coverage of the Tour de France. What are the pros & cons of having a dish? How much does rain & snow affect reception? Does the installer use the existing cable from Time Warner inside my walls or do they run all new wiring? TIA & I'm sorry if this is off-topic.
re: Should I get a dish for the Tour?PMC
Jun 27, 2002 4:37 AM
Does TW offer Digital Cable in your area? We have TW Digital and OLN is in the basic package.

Just a thought
Absolutely Positively Yes.GK
Jun 27, 2002 4:40 AM
Now that I've seen it, I don't know what I'd do without it. Only problem is the repetitive commercials -- last year it seemed like they only had about 6 or 7 different spots to run, so you got three incessant weeks of "Presenting the all new Mercury Mountaineer" and "Runaway Shoes.COM". This year, you'll learn to hate the Lincoln Navigator and that worn out Jazz riff they're using, and Charbroil grills.

Weather effects are overblown and negligible in the 3 years I've had my DirecTV system. I can count on one hand the # of times we've actually lost a signal due to a storm in this time. Sometimes picture quality is diminished in a heavy rainstorm, but the up time is just fine.

I think snow only effects you if you're in a blizzard or if the dish is at a flat-enough angle that snow can accumulate in the dish. E.G. the farther north you live, the lower the angle the dish is because the DirecTV satellite is in a geosynchronous orbit over Texas (how's THAT for irony?!). I'm in Maryland, so it is not an issue. If it IS an issue, I've heard of people spraying the dish with PAM to make it slippery for the snow.

Get the Dish. Prices are unbelievable. Get Tivo with it so you can rewatch memorable stages over and over again. And kiss your underperforming cable TV provider goodbye.
re: Should I get a dish for the Tour?No_sprint
Jun 27, 2002 5:45 AM
I'd recommend it. I love mine. I got a free install deal and paid nothing to own the receivers. Get the PVR. I don't know how I ever lived without it. Life with no commercials is the only way to go.
re: Should I get a dish for the Tour?Beaver
Jun 27, 2002 6:25 AM
I just moved and switched over to Directv from Time Warner. I switched primarily because Time Warner didn't offer OLN but lo and behold, the week I move, Time Warner has OLN added to the digital tier. But after breaking down the cost, Directv was cheaper....well kinda. I splurged and got a Dolby Digital satellite receiver.

I picked up my dish and recievers at Circuit City. They are currently offering a $150 rebate, I'm sure just about everyone else is too, Circuit City just happens to be close to my house.

As for rain and snow, my friend who lives on the coast never lost his signal during the last hurricane until the power went out.

Would I go back to cable again? Probably not.
Yes, I just got one and love it! You have to have aPaul
Jun 27, 2002 8:56 AM
clear shot to the south. No trees in the way. They install a new cable from the dish through your wall to the reciever, receiver to your set. I got Direct Tv (, and with rebate, paid zero for setup,dish, receiver. I got to see the last 3 stage of the giro, and the past couple of weeks, OLN (along with Lance), have been doing last years TDF. gives you a schedule. I couldn't take it any longer with my friends telling me what I've been missing. I pay 32.00 or 33.00 a month, plus you get other good staions.

I lost reception one night during a thunder storm. Heavy rain will break up the reception also, but it's not for long. I just switch to my other antenna and watch local stations. Digitial quality reception makes for a great picture. Go for it, if you don't like it, cancel after a year, but you will, and you should get rid of the cable guy. also have great 800 help if you need it.

Might want to consider a dolby digital receiver if you're into movies.

TDF is coming, better hurry. Mine was installed in a week.
re: Should I get a dish for the Tour?jrm
Jun 27, 2002 10:09 AM
Satallite TV is the best. First. you have a line of sight for the install of the dish on your property. If you go to the web site fo the provider your consdiering theyll show how to find out if you have a line of sight within the install directions.

Like someone else mentioned, heavy rain will mess the picture up. Snow on the dish will block reception of the signal al together. For that reason have the installer install the dish wher you can get to it so you can clean it off.

OLN's cool, Speedvisions great and if your not on the east coast you get all the east coast feeds of all cable stations. it's nice