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Im looking to improve on my field sprinting ability. Anybody(5 posts)

Im looking to improve on my field sprinting ability. Anybodyhuez
Jun 26, 2002 2:42 PM
know of some good articles on this art? I have good strength and speed I just want to fine tune the positioning and timing and strategy. I cant seem to find anything in a few brief web searches Ive done.
Oh, if you have some pointers yourself, feel free to throw them out. My main problems seem to be having to go around people thus slowing me down and being a little off on the timing. Its a tough thing to get perfect. I have a lot of respect for super Mario to be able to get it so perfect almost every time!! Thanks for the info in advance.
Why not post this on the racing forum?Kerry
Jun 26, 2002 4:10 PM
You're likely to get a better discussion there.
re: Im looking to improve on my field sprinting ability. Anybodyolsta
Jun 26, 2002 5:30 PM
It sounds like you have some fast twithch in your legs, the only thing that is lacking is the experience.
If you know the guys that you are racing against, you will know who has the speed in the last 200m. Make sure you fight as hard as possible for his wheel, and once you have it, KEEP IT.Chances are he might be lead out by someone, so the initial momementum will be there for you to jump to the final run in to the line. Sprinting is a dangerous business, esspecially on bell lap in a crit. If you have the guts to be up in the top 5 on bell lap,you should start seeing some results.
If you are not sure who to follow, keep an eye out for the fastest train in the bunch come 3 laps to go. Make sure you are on it. When the final dash for cash lap is rung, do everything you possibly can to mantain your top 5 position, move up if you have to but do not get swarmed by other riders. Make sure you are in the biggest gear which you can sprint in when you jump. Get in a "joke" with someone. Organise it so he could lead you out. Pay him if you have to. Its all part of the wonderful world of bunch sprinting.
Good luck!
re: Im looking to improve on my field sprinting ability. AnybodySoultrain
Jun 26, 2002 7:15 PM
Well, My meager advise would be don't get boxed in.
If you do you will have no way of getting around any one.
Also as mentioned you must MUST stay in the top 5-8. If some one jumps from behind you to one side and there is someone one the other side of you , and ahead. You have to keep your shoulder ahead of or equal to his. This way when you need to bump him, you will force him off his line instead of having to slow down to go around, or getting boxed in. If you have your shoulder behind his though you are done, because he can dictate where you can go.
Always look for a way out. If you see the sprint is going to bunch up right at the end all the way across the road, don't give up your position, Be sure to not let the front of the bunch ahead of you. Don't be afraid of contact, elbows, hips, shoulders. Just remember, don't overreact when it occurs and lean into the contact and keep the bicycle leaned away from them. Oh yea and Bar contact is BAD.
That's about it,
Keep on churnin'
stay on roads--faster than fields (especially corn) nmDougSloan
Jun 27, 2002 5:13 AM