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shoulder separation(7 posts)

shoulder separationlexington
Jun 26, 2002 2:28 PM
3 weeks ago I was cut off by a driver too impatient to wait for a another car to turn. The result was me skidding to a stop, getting bumped by the car, launching myself over the bars and winding up with a type III shoulder separation. I sure would appreciate any recoup./training advice for this injury. Also any help from anyone who might have had this same injury and any complications returning to the road.

Thank you
re: shoulder separationjrm
Jun 26, 2002 2:52 PM
I did mine in the dirt. My ortho had me doing 3 weeks of physical therapy 3 times a week. because it will never return to its pre-wreck condition i still do shoulder exercises for building the support muscles in my shoulder.
Surprisingly easy for me...cory
Jun 26, 2002 4:08 PM
I had a Grade 2 sep (less severe than yours, I think, but I've sort of forgotten the terms) three or four years ago, and it was hardly any trouble at all. They told me to wear a sling until I felt like taking it off, which was a few days, and that it would be "self-limiting," meaning I could do anything I felt up to doing. Can't remember the timetable now, but we have a Nautilus machine at work, and I just used light weights and a self-designed therapy program and was back riding in three weeks or so.
I'm not recommending that you do your own therapy. Only reason I did it is that the doctor is a friend and a cyclist, so he knew the possible problems and gave me some clues. Once I felt OK (I never had much pain), he said to "find an exercise that hurts a little and do it with light weights." Only remaining problem is a bump on my shoulder, which I can't see but which makes my kids say, "Icccckkkkk."
Grade 3 shoulder separationPaulCL
Jun 26, 2002 6:05 PM
I went over the handlebars at 40mph. 3rd degree plus other injuries.

It was 8 weeks before I got back on the bike. It hurt like hell. You put an enormous amount of pressure on that joint while riding. The pain didn't leave until I went to therapy.

Eventually (4 mos post wreck) I went to a physical therapist by way of a sports medicine MD. They gave me a series of rubber band exercises to do daily. Plus some work with very light free weights. I did them twice a day. At the beginning, I couldn't lift ten pounds off my chest due to the weakening of the rotator cuff - the muscles/tendons that support the shoulder. Within six weeks of self-therapy at home, I could bench a 100lbs. Now I can do well over 275lbs. I am fully recovered. I was fully recovered, or painfree, within 8 weeks of starting my PT.

A 3rd degree sep is a serious injury. Go see a sports medicine MD now. You could be back on the bike within a few weeks painfree. I was just too bullheaded to ask for help in the beginning. Paul
Grade 3 shoulder separationlexington
Jun 27, 2002 9:29 AM
Thanks Paul,

I think I was doing about 35 mph myself. I just went to the orthopaedic dr. this past tuesday. Another 3 weeks in the sling and then some weight work. Sounds like I can recover fairly quickly given your information. I really appreciate your help.

re: shoulder separationmoots
Jun 26, 2002 6:15 PM
I've done both 2nd and 3rd degree seperations while playing lacrosse. It was 2 weeks before I could play and mobility was limited for at least a month. I worked very hard at doing my exercises to get my motion back then worked on increasing the strenght, first with no resistance, then elastic bands and finally weights.

Get the right medical attention and do the exercises they recommend as much as you can.

Good luck!
re: shoulder separationnetso
Jun 27, 2002 6:54 AM
I have been able to ride my bike with no problems. However, when I go to the gym my right shoulder is not the same as my left. It is here that I notice the biggest difference. After 10 + years it is still weaker.