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Code Orange today in DC, we can breathe part of the air...(12 posts)

Code Orange today in DC, we can breathe part of the air...Djudd
Jun 26, 2002 10:14 AM
still people ride around alone in thier SUV's while I wonder if I should take a ride this evening. Code Red or Orange, what the hell is going on? I want to ride my bike and keep my lungs healthy.
re: Code Orange today in DC, we can breathe part of the air...pmf1
Jun 26, 2002 10:20 AM
I sometimes wonder if I'm doing more harm than good riding to work in DC. I took today off. Yesterday was pretty hot. Hopefully the rain we're supposed to get will cool it down. Its been a hot summer so far.

I don't think it helps that EPA redefined what a code red day was a few years ago. Before, code red was pretty serious. Now, code red includes what once was code orange. Its harder to tell what a really bad day is. They need a code lung meltdown too.

The air is not bad in the morning. And I take it easy going home. I'll be damned if I'm riding a trainer inside in June.
Code Lung Meltdown would be honest, semantics is killing...Djudd
Jun 26, 2002 10:38 AM
us. Code red, code orange whatever they call it we are being told to accept dangerous air with these innocuous terms. How about "black lung day", "as bad as a coal mine day" "death to your health day"
black is worse than redishmael
Jun 26, 2002 11:13 AM
The next worse thing to a red day is a black day. I can see it now, we will all stop driving so much and think about other transportion, but unfortunately it will be on the nation-wide black day. Humans dont do anything unless it affects them. I not sure but I think it was the EPA's site that shows a map of the danger areas throughout the day.
There has to be an alternative transportation . . .cyclinseth
Jun 26, 2002 10:40 AM
advocacy group located in DC. I would be astonished if there weren't. Check out or do a google search for Auto-Free Times or Paving Moratorium. You will find links to organizations in the DC area. Now that I think about it, Auto-Free Times and Coalition for a Paving Moratorium might be headquartered in DC.

Join them. Become an active member. Do volunteer work. I've found that since I've been working on a local issue here in Brooklyn, NY my uncontrolable, furious, berzerker, lunatic rage towards murder-vehicle culture has become ever so slightly more managealbe.

Good luck and go ride anyway.
And for what it's worth . . .cyclinseth
Jun 26, 2002 10:45 AM
eat lots of apples. They have something in them (some kind of anti-oxidant) that protects your lungs from environmental pollution.
There has to be an alternative transportation . . .Thaddeus
Jun 27, 2002 9:30 AM
there is: is a cycling advocacy group. they sponsor bike to work day in DC, and trail creation in the region.

The DC area Council of Governments has said that the area will not meet the stricter air quality standards that are soon to come. Just wait til there are code red days half of the year.

Also, in addition to the air quality issues, let's not forget that we have the Ashcroft color-threat wheel to contend. with.
My lungs hurt after a long ride on the weekend.RoyGBiv
Jun 26, 2002 10:56 AM
And, after nine hours in the saddle completing a 138-mile ride, lung-ache was the only complaint.
Maybe "ache" or "hurt" don't quite describe it accurately, but there was definintely a sensation in the chest cavity that could be felt for a few hours after the ride.
It was a steaming, 90 F. + day on Sunday and there was a region-wide smog alert. Now I'm wondering if I was sucking in too much ozone while spending too much time in Zone Three.

Nothing wrong with a car in every driveway, they've been good for the economy.
But there's way too many on the road. Way too many.

Brian C.
EPA Air Quality Index Definitions....beeman
Jun 26, 2002 11:22 AM It looks like there is two more warning levels even after the red. I hope we never get to that point.
wait when Amtrak is shut downcyclopathic
Jun 26, 2002 11:30 AM
then you'd have another 23,000 more SUV on road.

btw I rode yesterday, after 9:00 for 2hr. This morning it was nice at 5:00. Morning rides are the best IMHO
I'm going to take Ishmael's advice...Djudd
Jun 26, 2002 1:03 PM
and join another advocacy group. There seems to be no other answer. It's scary how everyone is so nonchalant about the quality of the air. We are told to adapt instead of trying to change the air for the better. Just scary
re: Spare The Air Day's Out Here..jrm
Jun 26, 2002 3:00 PM
I'm pretty sure that most people couldnt give a shlt about it . That is tell it makes um sick or something. Then theyll blame someone else instead of obeserving how their driving contributes to the situation.

I ride regardless of whether its a spare the air day or not. I't beats the shlt outta being stuck in a sweaty, smelly and slow moving Bus or BART train along with all the rest of the lemmings.