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Paging Spirito and JS(8 posts)

Paging Spirito and JSloop
Jun 26, 2002 8:55 AM

A tasty little number buried way back. Couldn't remember if this ever got posted in the retro fest a couple weeks back.

ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhJS Haiku Shop
Jun 26, 2002 9:13 AM
what i don't get is the $25 for packaging, then the $50 for shipping (depending upon location and UPS). it takes about 10 minutes to pack a bike, if you get a bike box from the lbs dumpster (or call and ask for a discard).

ummmm...lugs! she's beau-timous!
very sexy.....Spirito
Jun 26, 2002 9:22 AM
i agree about the shipping and handling bullshit.

so many ebay sellers make meney post sale on this and i for one know a lot of them are bullshiting about their costs. i wont bid on their auctions out of principle as they arent being honest and why should i then beleive anythign else they say.

not cool - they are not cycling family

ciao (maybe im a communist?)
Well I get it.elviento
Jun 26, 2002 10:09 AM
I actually had to do this this past week. First I had to pick up a bike box and bring it into the subway (major nuisance /embarrassment). Walking 35 blocks home was the other option, which wasn't exactly an option in this weather. To prepare it for rough handling, I tried to pack everything really well, which took 1.5 hours (including getting the quill stem out). Then I had to do the measurements and arrange for UPS to pick it up. And also bring it to the doorman. Total time involved was about 3 hours.

My LBS charges $35 for packing a bike. I probably should have asked the LBS to do it for me.

In an auction, as long as that's stated up front, there is nothing unfair about it. If the buyer doesn't like it, he should just move on, instead of bidding and then whining about it.
in that circumstance, perhaps...JS Haiku Shop
Jun 26, 2002 11:10 AM
you're right. didn't consider that, since i'm here in suburbia, with a large vehicle at my disposal and a bike shop within 10 minutes. thanks for the perspective!
part of the pleasure of selling a bike.....Spirito
Jun 26, 2002 11:17 AM
seriously think how much you would get for it selling it locally ... peanuts.

bikes go for more than fair prices on ebay and if you haven't got a bike store that will pack it and schedule a pick for far less then you really haven't tried.

i did the same many times and go to my local bike store which is 1/2 an hour away by train. they are always throwing out all their bike and wheel boxes with all the packing material youll need. some old newspaers and tape at home is cheap and effective. its not hard to carry an empty box on the train/subway if you dont try it during the rush hours.

there are enough UPS drop centers close to most places as well.

by offering a fair and real fee of $30 bucks for shipping it far increases what people will want to bid it for. you will more than cover your time and costs by dong so.

its really simple - offer people value and they more than pay for it. its not a hunch its the truth. the "handling" costs on ebay that sellers like to call it is just pissing in people's pockets and so not cool.
unfortunately,...JS Haiku Shop
Jun 26, 2002 11:41 AM
the last 3 bikes i sold on ebay went to the west coast, or the northwest. i'm in the south east. i do all the packing and include the materials as part of the sale, so nothing above the closing bid 'cept the actual UPS shipping...$45-$55 ups, SE to N.coast or NW. ouch...
lots of detailed "nice-to-haves" on herloop
Jun 26, 2002 9:57 AM
agree about the shipping.

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